What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

  • When I was a kid, there were three men trying to break into our house one night. One of them had a gun. I remember hiding with my mom and brother in the closet with all the lights off. My dad worked the night shift at a hospital so he wasn't home. My mom called the police but we hid while we waited for the police to arrive. When the men saw the police arrive, they ran off. I can't remember what happened afterwards. I must have been about 6 or 7 years old.

  • almost starving to death and collapsing in front of your mom on the floor from being so weak

    passing out on the road in a blizzard

    almost drowning in a swamp

    boy chasing you with a switchblade when you are about 8

    and watching my dad try and run my mom over with the car

    how are those?

  • @mikeJB Wow! Sounds like you have a lot of luck on your side! Hopefully you aren't going through stuff like that anymore! :grin:

  • no. i still have nightmares over some of those moments. but God allowed be to have those moments because i used to bitch about life and petty things. when you say " i dont care if i was dead" one day, and you are in the middle of a blizzard on a sunday night with NO ONE in sight while on a bike in 45-50 below, and you are experiencing disorientation due to hypothermia, you realize how much your "shitty life" means to you. i never have uttered those words again

  • @mikeJB I am sorry to hear you are still affected by those experiences. However, that is a great life lesson. I have not gone through what you have, but you have opened my eyes and made me realize I shouldn't say words like that to myself or take my life for granted. Thank you for that :)

  • those who always say they dont care about dying are usually just trying to look tough. when faced with it, most with fight with all they have to stay alive. God also talks to me through others and the trials they are dealing with. when i think my trivial ailments are overwhelming, i think of COVID cases in a hospital, or being with no food in Africa and things like that. someone ALWAYS has it worse. thats why i love reading boosk on the Great Depression and The Dust Bowl. wanna see what REAL HARDSHIP is like? have a read

  • @mikeJB Is there one particular book you recommend? I'd love to read it!

  • the grapes of wrath

  • @mikeJB I have heard of that one. I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

  • the kids of today whining about their damn phones or bag of chips or not being able to go to a bar or concert ...could not handle the Depression. look at fkn COVID and they cant even get through that! the Depression lasted 8 fucking years!

  • Someone stabbed me with a plastic knife 😶

  • @Dramatica Was it someone you knew? Hopefully it did you no harm!

  • @mikeJB I agree. I did not grow up with all of these electronics all these kids today have access to. Kids have it really good now and it's really sad how ungrateful they can be :(

  • Jess, i am even ready to give up this damn internet! what a joke it has become. tell me if you agree?

    ADS ADS ADS EVERYWHERE! one big giant billboard
    youtube is a dumping ground for endless, mindless stupidity and garbage
    FB forces updates on you and breaks everything so you are stuck with their new shit and nothing works!
    every website makes you sign up or login or create a stupid account just to read a damn conversation!
    Pinterest is the slowest piece of shit on the internet and is a waste of server space
    why is it so many people in comment sections are so cruel and heartless and just plain assholes?
    why the F when you ask Google search a damn question, it NEVER gives a specific answer. it clickbaits you and gives you vague responses and never even answers you half the time!
    and lastly F JAVASCRIPT! it has ruined the internet! every fucking page uses it and when you turn ir off, nothing works. the most horrible thing ever invented on the net. slow and buggy and utter crap

    agree with any? i think if i left the fucking internet i wouldnt even notice. wait, yeah i would, my blood pressure would be lower

  • @mikeJB Haha I think you need some time off the internet! Being on for too long can really mess with the mind sometimes. I try to stay away from Facebook and Pinterest and all of those type of sites as much as I can. As you said they are always messing up and I don't even see the point in using them anymore. It is nice to use those sites to connect with others, like family or friends who live far away. Besides that though, there really is no point in logging on. Everywhere you visit online, you're being persuaded to buy or download something. What is scary is that soon everything will be online! Everything will be automated and robots will be taking over a lot of jobs within the next 10 years. It is really scary for me to think of how much the world is changing. Robots everywhere, everyone walking around looking down at a screen all the time, everything working electronically! People say we are changing for the better, but I think we will be the cause of our own demise.

    It is definitely good to take breaks from the online world, for our own health! There are way too many toxic people on here who think they can hide behind a screen and bully anyone they meet. Then we end up feeling angry and frustrated. It is better to take a walk in nature or sit down with a good book, without all of these electronics.

  • @JessPig yes I knew him 😒 he gave me a scar 😭😭

  • @JessPig you and i think alot alike

  • Being alone inside of a moving car heading towards the main road when i was like 3
    Almost dying from not being able to breathe(6yo)
    Running towards my little brother trying to save him from getting his head struck by a metal swing and my body just stopping midway and me not being able to move from panicking screaming my head off(15yo)
    Being woken up and dragged out of bed getting punished/beaten one christmas morning for ripping some of the laptop keyboard keys (12 yo)
    Having to watch the extreme moments in my parents fights
    Being chased by a psycho classmate with a switchblade who was trying to stab me