• thought i would throw up this topic. name some things that people would be shocked to know about you that they might not realize. ill start

    pickiest eater ever
    cannot swim
    suffers from sleep paralisys
    has OCD and mild autism
    has never wrote a check in his life
    cannot whistle

    how pathetic is that guys!bolded text

  • @mikeJB

    I've won awards for acting and for theatrical sound production

    I'm responsible for sourcing/providing the wristbands for the Bat Out Of Hell musical fan club

    I used to be a DJ, mostly metal and rock

    My taste in music is exceptionally broad and if there's one gig I could relive again it would be B.B. King

    Some of the furniture in my home might have been a gift of sorts from the Hell's Angels

    I used to co-run the Central Lancashire Pagan Moot

    Due to disability I've been unable to work for several years

    I'm a Dom and whilst any subs I have at a given time each know about one another, I long for a lasting long-term intimate relationship with a single reliable partner

    I'm a huge geek who owns approximately 300 Star Trek and 80 Star Wars novels

  • @mikeJB i also have ocd and autism
    I am an ex heroin and cocaine addict
    I didn't have my first child til i was 32, my fourth at 43
    I have spent (a short) time in prison
    I used to live on the road, in a double decker bus
    I often feel i was born in the wrong place and time (native American pre columbus would be my preference)
    I'm unable to get over the suicide of my girlfriend 27 years ago, i still think about her and have conversations in my head with her very often
    I didn't meet my mother til i was 19
    Jesus, most of that seems pretty dark but i guess those are the things i don't broadcast so much

  • I love Hank Williams and Three six mafia.

  • @mikeJB said in name some things about you that no one would ever expect:

    @Matt_Aranha i would never have ever pegged you for one of those dom/sub people ever! just what do you even get out of that?

    I'll throw that back at you because I'm genuinely interested, and then I'll tell you.

    What do you think I might get out of it?

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    1. I have OCD
    2. I have anxiety issues
    3. Just got out of depression
    4. Not Arab
      5.i am a mix of Australian and Indian
      Just these I can think of, will add as I remember more

  • @mikeJB I'm afraid of intimacy, which is not a very common thing to be afraid of. I know it sounds pathetic but for me, intimacy is scary 😣

    And I can't swim either. I never learned how to do that. I'm an unashamed landlubber.

  • @Matt_Aranha i would never have ever pegged you for one of those dom/sub people ever! just what do you even get out of that?

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