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    Once again, I am here asking for stories and in return, I will give the second part to The Aether tale.

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    Part II- The Callous Inferno

    As Helios rode alongside John’s ship. He produced a whip made of fire coiled around his hand. The god of light reared back and lashed the side of John’s cruiser. The impact sizzled and cracked, raking a long jagged trench into the skin of his spacecraft. He attacked again and with each relentless assault, the scars glowed a brilliant orange. John’s eyes and nose burned as the acrid spoor of slag entered his cabin; he buried his face in his hands and retreated to the aft of the ship.

    “Give up, mortal!” screamed Helios. “You will die and never see your beloved again!”

    John pressed his hands over his eyes to vanquish the hellish visage but the after-image of crimson still filled his eyelids. Slowly, the red swirled to black, the sound of screeching metal faded away, and he heard the faint echo of a familiar melody.

    John uncovered his face and with caution, slowly opened one eye at a time. He looked around in bewilderment; he was in the dining room of his house. The music continued to play and John walked forward, drawn by its hypnotic tone. Once he reached the threshold to the living room, his heart stopped for a moment. Ellie stood, with her back to him. She wore a tight-fitted red dress, a favorite of his. A ringlet of scarlet hair trailed down the exposed section of her back as she swayed and hummed to the song. It was an archaic tune from the last century; a romantic western piece from a bygone era of courting.

    Standing outside the fire
    Life is not tried, it is merely survived
    If you’re standing outside the fire

    A knot formed in the pit of John’s stomach as he allowed the words and melody to wash over him. He cleared his throat and Ellie turned to regard him. She smiled and ambled towards him, hips swaying to the beat of the song. She came within inches of his face and caressed his cheek with her fingertips. John closed his eyes and savored the heat from her touch.

    “Promise to always be my dancing partner, John,” said Ellie.

    “I promise to –” started John but the screech of metal shocked him out of his moment with his wife.

    “You will never see her again,” hissed Helios. “Accept your fate.”

    John’s eyes snapped open with an ignited fury, just as another strike from Helios’s whip rattled his ship sideways. John stood, undaunted and said, “You’re wrong, I see her every time I close my eyes. I will never yield.”

    Helios roared and smashed his chariot into the side of John’s ship. “Perish then, mortal and meet your watery grave!” roared Helios.

    The cabin buckled from the impact. It collapsed the air pressure and crushed every bone in John’s body. He fell to the cabin floor, gasping for oxygen. Helios’s eyes flared red and he smashed into the ship one last time. It exploded into a million pieces, sending what was left of the cruiser hurtling towards Earth. Helios stared fiercely down at John but John returned his stare with equal measure and began his descent into Earth’s atmosphere.

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    @nutellabiggoat :face_with_tears_of_joy: Evan Elderson is actually a pen name I game myself. My real name is Nate Phillips... boring, right?

  • @evan-elderson Thats unique.

  • @evan-elderson Are you the eldest son in your family?

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    @nutellabiggoat as is nutellabiggoat 🙂

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