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    I am working tomorrow, so here is the next part of my Aether story.

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    Part IV- The Dark Grasp

    John felt a feathering sensation beneath his feet. Before he could do anything, thorny vines shot up from the ground and wrapped around his legs. John winced as it stabbed into the surface of his skin and pulled him into the dark Earth.

    At last, said an old woman’s voice in John’s mind, I have you in my grasp.

    John opened his mouth to speak but sand and dirt suffocated him. John transmitted his thoughts through his mind. Gaia, thought John determinately, you will not break my will. Others have tried and failed.

    The old woman laughed and John felt the Earth around him shake. Have no fear little one, I intend to break more than just your will.

    John’s descent into the Earth picked up speed. He tried to scream as rocks dug jagged trenches into his skin. John closed his eyes to quell the pain but it felt as if his flesh was being ripped from his body. When John felt he couldn’t take anymore, he thought about Ellie and the pain miraculously subsided. He reopened his eyes and looked around. John was in the foyer to his home. The sound of rain pattered against his front door and the rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. John felt a piece of paper in his hand. It was a note that said,

    Don’t bother looking. You are better off without me.
    – El

    The memory of this note itched in the back of John’s mind but before he could do anything he heard footsteps rushing down the stairs. He looked up and Ellie pushed past him with a duffle bag in hand. She bumped into his shoulder and sent him tottering sideways. John regained his footing but she was already out the door, slamming it behind her. John threw the door open and chased after her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to him. She tried to yank free but he pulled her closer into an embrace. Ellie dropped her duffle bag and beat her fists into John’s chest.

    “Just let me go,” cried Ellie.

    He couldn’t even remember why she wanted to leave; it didn’t matter. He pulled her closer and whispered, “I will never let you go.”

    Ellie stopped hitting John and sobbed into his chest. She wrapped her arms around him and they stood in the deluge of rain, allowing it to wash away their strife.

    She looked up at him with red-rimmed eyes. “Promise to never let me go, John,” said Ellie.

    “I promise to always hold on,” said John but Ellie had disappeared and the pain and darkness returned.

    There will be nothing left of you for her to hold, said Gaia in his mind.

    The ground shook again and John’s world exploded into a burst of light. Faster and faster he moved into the core of the Earth. Every molecule in his body screamed in agony as his cellular structure blew apart. The atoms that made up his body evaporated as he entered the core, and even though there was nothing left of him, his presence still persisted.

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  • Once upon a time, there was a ratchet-ass girl called Sheeyla. Sheeyla had huge lips which were smeared with ashy, green lipstick. She also had the thickest afro someone could ever imagine.
    Sheeyla was walking home from school when she saw the street lights flicker. And no, it wasn’t some power-out flicker you usually see in the street late at night but, the streetlight flickered its eyelashes as if it winked to Sheeyla. Sheeyla ain’t into some ghostly shit, so she just smacked her swollen lips and headed home.
    When she arrived at her broken, crooked, doorstep, she knocked the door. Of course. And guess who opened the door? No one. Godamnit Sheeyla, get your keys from your bag. Sheeyla was stupid enough to forget her keys at school, in her locker.
    “Oh well,” she sighed, shaking her crusty, dry-ass hair.
    To be continued.

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    @littlewoozie this is a pretty tight story... I want to know the rest! 😄

  • @evan-elderson read it and happy I did ^.^ love it and want to read more.

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    @evan-elderson biggest fan here 😂

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    @azzurranna thank you. Monday I will put ou the next part. I believe it will be the last one then I am on to a new story.

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    @im-a-bae aww... thanks. Your going to make me blush ☺

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