• Here in tws most of the time not
    even a single person reply to my messages except @RAGNAR. In Public Chat , If I say Hi to anyone , then also they don't reply, unless I disturb them by writing in big fonts or spamming, then also they message only to stop that because they are getting disturbed by me.And If I post something or reply then some people downvote my post without reason and like idiots I also downvotes their posts to take revenge. Tell me the annoying thing about me atleast I should know what's my problem and I will try to improve. U don't want to be friend that's Ok, but atleast replying to messages is not any big task . Ans if you think that is big task then simply say I don't wanted to talk with you.

  • Movie Buff

    can you please stop spamming in pub chat.

    hey maybe we can talk old movies and yeah be friends cool? deal?

  • @brown-nigger-man I only spam when everyone ignores me.
    Yes, I will love to discuss about movies with you. But I afraid you will also leave after talking once like others.

  • Don't make a drama out of small things. It is nothing like that ^
    There are people who would or would not like to talk to you. Its normal.
    You just have to choose the right people to talk with.

  • @sup Thanks bro for telling, I am expecting something like that from you. Who are right people to talk??? can you tell me.

  • Movie Buff

    @yoursbucky some people are just like that. You got at least try to ignore it and move on, it's not really worth it at the end of the day. But they are others who are nice, you just got find those ones, that's all I got to tell ya 😊

  • @yoursbucky You have to choose that wisely and by yourself.

  • @yoursbucky haha bro it happens to ma in Global also....first i used to be upset....but I learned now it's common for ma 🖖..... It has become a usual habit lol...... Just 1 thing bro..... IGNORE The IGNORERS and HATE The HATERS 🖖...... And if ya feel u r lonely in pub or some1 is ignoring and it's boring,then just sing a song in pub hehe 🖖 (Write the lyrics) 🖖 .....dont be upset bro...... Ya must be STRONG 🖖

  • u prolly dont see it because i say hey sidekick as in captain america and bucky

    noone is ignoring you my guy