My time with TWS

  • So 9 months ago i joined this site, i could have been in reddit or somewhere else, but i preffered this site because of it's uniqueness, it might be new but i see something beautiful and honestly it will be a number one chatting site in the world.
    I was bored that day, and out of all sites i have went through i found my self addicted to this one. I have made friends, who cares for me like my blood brothers and sister's. I have friends who counts on me. I feel loved around here, without a doubt this is my home. Lets be honest from where this site used to be till now we experienced alot and it becomes more interesting day by day.
    Out of all odds here we are having fun of new features day by day, number of spammers decreases each minute, and the site gets new users each and every second. Our admin went through difficult times but he knew it was only challenges, they were'nt mean to destroy him, instead they promoted, increased and strengthen him to a better self.
    It feels good sometime and hypes peoples emotions and feelings when you are in the public chat and the admin pops up, joining fun. Tell me which kind of leader does that? How fun is it when you have fun with the admin? This is another thing which made me stick on this site. Even if i went through alot but still i visit here every single time. It is pretty addictive because of it's awesomeness.
    All i can say is that @TalkWithStranger "you will win, not immediately, but definitely. This site will be known more than reddit or any other famous site ever existed, and your name will be praised as a living legend who succeeded in making people happy"

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    @ragnar said in My time with TWS:

    "you will win, not immediately, but definitely."

    I hope so.

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