• There are multiple spammers in TWS and most of them are the same person.
    Everytime a moderator isnt in the area these people spam huge chunks of text into public chat, usually about song lyrics or wikipedia articles.
    I'm here everyday 24/7 and would like to assist fellow TWS users.
    As I've stated before when someone is caught spamming on multiple accounts (Doing an IP check) we should IP ban them on the 3rd time the same person has been banned.

    Yours truly,

  • I can handle everything else people dish out on here, but the spam is rampant and annoying.

  • @kek you seem very enthusiastic. Do some quality posts, we are reviwing your account and may make you a mod too if you really help us.

    Send us some screenshot of the spam you see. As you say you are 24/7 online.