• Lets share our favourite colours of this fall and winter season....?
    before talking about the shades let me give you some info about colours
    Designers are always throwing around terms like warm colors and cool colors. But what do they really mean?

    Warm colors are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of them all. As the name indicates, they tend to make you think of sunlight and heat.

    Cool colours such as blue, green and light purple have the ability to calm and soothe.


    Regal red.]Itโ€™s the shade of magnificence, elegance and sensuousness: a woman in red will never go unnoticed.

    Purple. An anti-aging hue found in nature in blueberries that fight the ageing process with anthocyanins. A super food and a must-have ingredient of any diet but also of our closet; wear it to feel younger.

    Sky blue. An intense, vivid, dazzling tone of blue. It evokes summer on shiny fabrics.

    Dusty pink. A romantic hue that comes alive on retro styles, light fabrics and refined detailing. A sweet, delicate femininity]

    Curry yellow. Spicy and totally exotic.

    Greens. Pantoneโ€™s color of 2017 is greenery, synonymous with passion and vitality.

    Guys if you show some love on this post I might share some outfit ideas with you in these shades.