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    Hello & Congratulations. If you are reading this, you are the Mod here.

    Before all, pls read these rules carefully and try to keep them in mind :


    And then based on the rules and the duty borders below take ur actions with more patience

    • Please try your best to keep the community active and encourage creating a high quality content.
    • The rating of a moderator will be based on his/her frequency of activity on this website and they must ban according to our rules. This will also affect the reputation of a moderator.
    • Moderators are requested to create amiable relation with each other.
    • Please note, as moderators, you can delete and move topics, posts and you can also ban users. However, please keep in mind that please do not delete posts/topics or ban users without any reason. You have to respect the rules of community, if we see any problems with moderators or somebody complains we can revoke this position back from you!

    Here is a summary of things you need to do:

    You can delete posts if:

    • It contains spam or adult pictures or adult text if a topic has nude or adult TOO MANY pics then you should flag it and may be delete the nude POSTS ONLY but not the topic itself. So if any adult word comes in topic title such as nude, sex, fuck, horny etc, NO NEED to delete the WHOLE TOPIC ,only nude pictures or adult pictures, or sexual content must be deleted POSTS can be deleted . not the whole topic . Point is if we can share that topic or post with a kid or in our workplace, then it is fine.

    This is because we want the users to share as much content as possible openly on tws.

      If they don't stop even after warning then, you can ban them for 1 hour and give a proper reason why you have banned them.

    • If a user makes multiple accounts (for spamming) you should warn and ban only if necessary.

    • If a spammer keeps making multiple accounts and you cannot stop him ask for a ip ban. ip bans are serious and to be asked only when necessary.

    • Users have freedom of speech with reasonable restriction respect that. The restrictions vary from case to case use your logic to check them.

    • If you have any doubt consult among each other, if you cant come to conclusion take votes and then decide whether to ban a user or not or message us on @talkwithstranger for advice!

    0_1509195204363_Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 13.52.36.png

    & more, just use common sense.

    PS: **Don't ban users or remove their topics/posts if you have personal feelings, controversy or arguments against another person.**

    Please USE THE DELETE TOPIC AND BAN USER FEATURES CAREFULLY, and only when you really need to. If you use these features too much without any reasons, your moderator role can be taken away.

    Read some more reasons when you can be removed from mod role:


    With that said, enjoy your new privileges, and make TalkWithStranger a happy and active community. It is your job to welcome new users and keep old users entertained and prevent bad users. Happy Chatting!

  • @talkwithstranger yeah buddy sure. nice category, well gonna talk about new rules, and make a comprehensive "how to & rules" topic for all strangers , whats ur opinion about it? every each rule got accepted and registered here as the main rule, should achieve strangers ears and notify them about it.

  • @sologeek Yes solo please do so.