Who is y'alls TWS fam?

  • Aight y'all I'm bringing this one back! Who y'all got as ya fam on here? For me

    1. @RAGNAR Yo he's my big bro. He's always been there for everything, and told me when I needa grow the fuck up. I love you bro!
    2. @Hazard My new brother. Dude you awesome man. You listen to me and give me advice when Idk what to do. And you love just like hanging out and just talking about random shit. Its awesome bro! I love you man!
    3. @Kat_15 my sister! You are awesome to talk to about just about everything. You are really cool and chill unless I'm being a dickhead then you kick the shit outta me. Lol. I love you sis!
    4. Oof! My newest family member! @Azzurranna you are truly amazing! Like we met because you just randomly texted me and was like yo are you ok? Cause You had saw one of my old posts. Honestly I knew from right there you were gonna be special. How special Idk I never would have thought this much but damn. I love you sister!
      And I just wanna say thank y'all for caring about me and loving me and showing me what a real fam is built on and what a real fam is about. I didn't really have much of a fam growing up and I still really don't. But thank y'all so much!

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    Okie so my small tws fam is this
    @Αητιcυτε is my recently discovered best friend😂 he has done a lot for me and he has been a really good friend to me. He had been there when I needed him and even when I didn’t he has been one of the best friends I’ve had in realize and out of it. Thank you so much for checking in on me
    @RAGNAR he is kinda like the person who sees all knows all ya know. He can be anything he want and that’s why I can’t place him a a certain spot because he doesn’t fit in just one place. He can be like a guidance counselor or like a dad or like a brother he can be everything he is genuinely a good guy.
    @Hazard is New as well the weird guy😂 he’s like the kinda cousin that you don’t see often but when you do he’s got new information for ya. He’s pretty chill and laid back and he gives off pretty cool vibes.
    @US-poet oooof here’s my maybe uncle! He has been around me since about day one he incouraged me to start/continue my writings. He usually checks up on me which is really nice and we usually come up with poems or I’ll send him one to proofread. Unfortunately we’ve both been busy (which we both understand hopefully) but I know IF I we’re to him rn and ask him for help he’d be up for just about anything! He’d be lik ‘whatcha Need maybe niece?’ 😂

  • @abby-83 oof! That's awesome Abby!

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    @ragnar ooooof I didn’t mean to give ya a high ego now😂😂

  • @BOOTS22 My gang is pretty large. Won't even fit here. Every other person is my fam. So....

  • @sup WTF did it just do. Lol

  • @sup bro just post the closest ones. And I didnt mean to quote your post or whatever it did.

  • @boots22 So my fam is not that big but it's definitely an amazing combo:
    1- @RAGNAR SAME FUCKEN NAME,lmao I can't imagine knowing someone with the same real name as mine and not being best friends with him.Your someone I really look at and your the older brother I always want to have.I love you brother!
    2- @BOOTS22 dude what can I say.Your a fucken Bomb 😎your the american bff I always wanted to have.You have my back,I have yours.I trust you blindly and I don't even know why !
    So definitely my brother from another mother 😎love you man never change !
    3- @Abby-83 girl your so tall 😂I was always telling boots I don't think your gonna be a friend,so what about a fam.Your so cool and chill.You even got your trademark which I will let you say it on your own 😂The oof Queen,my little freakled sister lol love you !
    4- @BEYOUNCY15 I still get mad at you for calling me fake at first but lol your awesome sis 😎whenever you have any problem you come and ask me for help,and I would never let you down.Love you sis !
    5- @Moisturbation ok I know this sound weird meg 😂but your genuinly a sister to me now.you have a heart worth more than Gold never loose it although you hide it.love you sis !
    P.S:don't troll me meg😂
    Thank you that's all,I'm out Bitches 😍oh and vote me for the hottest user lol

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    @boots22 I see my phones too damn big for meh hand lol

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @boots22 bc I want meh iPhone 5 backkkkkkkk it was so littleeee🖤😂😂

  • @hazard I know but it says that you aren't tagged

  • @hazard Lmfao. 😂😂😂😂

  • @abby-83 dayum 😂😂😂😂 thanks gorl
    I am wizard

  • @ragnar ohhhhh.... Oh praise the chosen one! All praise be to the chosen one! dramatically bows

  • Veteran Mods

    @abby-83 i am so glad to hear this 🙂

  • @abby-83 I'm gonna get you for this 😂😂😂but your aight girl,your one of the very least that I admit I trust,and lol yeah not that cousine that's my othet cousine 😏😂

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @hazard 😂😂😂 it’s the other, other cousin

  • @sup said in Who is y'alls TWS fam?:

    @BOOTS22 My gang is pretty large. Won't even fit here. Every other person is my fam. So....

  • @abby-83 yeah yeah that other other cousine the black sheep of the family 😂

  • @EverygoddamnpersonusingTWS

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