• @Abby-83 I know you been going thru a lot lately. And I know you haven't been that happy but please cheer up! I wanna make you happy! So I mean if course ima use songs! So these songs literally these are how you make me feel, you make me happy! Gonna throw it back a little with this song,

    And then there's this one,

    Oof of course I have to use country songs. Also this one,

    That one just cause Idk why you fell in love with me like I have nothing to offer or give you. Also I hate John Deere, I'm a Farmall/Iternational Harvested boy. Anyway, also this song

    Idk why its just you and I joke about it a lot so it makes me think of you. Also this one

    Abby this was our starting song, like this was almost my excuse to be like I don't wanna hurt you but you stayed anyway. Then this one,

    Oof I don't have an explanation for this one other than Abby you are holy, you are perfect baby! And then this one,

    Abby this is perfect, you and me. Yeah we perfect. And whenever I'm with you it feels like heaven. Also this song

    Then this one cause I know you wanna dance all the time so. Last one y'all,

    Finally one thats not country. But Abby I have found a life for me and thats with you and only you. And it kills me to see you not happy, for you to be sad. Because I feel like I'm not doing enough to make you happy so then I try harder and hope I make you happy. Because I only want you to be happy. So please be happy baby! If I can beat my depression I know you can beat whatever you are going thru. Scratch that. We can beat it, together becuase we beat my depression. So Abby cheer the fuck up please! I love you so much and it hurts me to see you sad. I love you my beautiful queen! 😚❤

  • @boots22 awesome. You are truly loving and caring

  • @αητιcυτε Yeah I guess. It kinda feels weird saying I am because I feel like I'm bragging about my self. 😬

  • applauds