• It trips me how people make fun of others by calling them "Bipolar" or "Depressed" or even pass them as an excuse for missing a class. For God's sake, they are mental disorders. Would you say you had cancer for 1 day???People used those words as synonyms of " moody "/ "exasperated". Seriously??? People with mental illness live such harsh, difficult lives that they don't deserve in a million years. They blame themselves for things they never did. You, being a normal mentally healthy person, cannot fathom the hardships those people go through. The least we can do is understand and respect the gravity of mental health and illness.

  • Totally agree. Young lady, you have my respect !alt text

  • Gamers

    i agree, i have a friend who is bipolar and i know how hard it can be

  • @allight oh, I used to know someone who had clinical Bipolar Disease. I can understand how hard it must be for him. Thanks for sharing. I hope he gets well soon. Tell him he's not alone :-)

  • @assassinThat's so pathetic of people. They're getting some petty attention at the expense of the seriousness of mental disorders. It's just utterly inhumane to me.
    Thanks for the reply :-)

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    @allight i never said was, we are still friends even after graduation, he is in china these days doing his masters, and we still play dota sometimes :D

  • @jynextremist how did you know he was bipolar? and you said "was" does that mean he isn't now? Just curious.

  • @girlwhois16 Always remember "People talk about them and make fun of them because they know if they will talk about themselves nobody would listen"

  • @girlwhois16 We live in a world where people pray for your downfall and in front of you behave as your friend and well wisher.

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