• I think it sucks that a lot of people fall inlove with each other then suddenly fall out of love. So many failed relationships due to a lot of reasons. I think we will never understand why that happens but God just allows these things to happen to make us even stronger, better and wiser. I mean it isn't the end of the world when you are single or have multiple failed relationships. I know it hurts, I know that feeling is unexplainable. But,, we just have to move on and remind ourselves that only you can help yourself. So many people are after the false idea of love chasing people for the wrong reasons. When you place God as the center of your life, all things fall back in the right places. Trust His Timing and Trust in His Plans for you. It's hard but you just have to think positive in this very negative world. Let's face reality, all of us have problems. It's a matter of how you handle those problems and the people who help you. So choose wisely and never rush into anything. Patience patience patience. All the best to all!

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