• since you wont let me ask you this directly do your restrctions, and you are the one posting those education pieces, i have always wondered

    just what exactly does pH stand for??????????? like in blood and chemistry

  • thank you ! the POWER is what i didnt know. :)
    is alkalosis set on the ph scale as a number like acidosis?
    isnt blood always the starting nuetral marker?

  • @mikeJB Increase of blood ph or basicity of blood results in alkalosis which is harmful. But considering your blood ph it seems perfectly normal to me as alkalosis occurs when blood ph exceeds ph levels of about 7.45 or 7.5 and increase in CO2 concentration takes place in acidosis when your blood ph drops below a certain level(i think below 7.3) so according to your blood ph i think you're quite fine.

  • @mikeJB I am not a Girl, but still ph in chemistry means power of hydrogen for calculating acidity and basicity of a solution.

  • @mikeJB On the ph scale if a solution is less than 7 it is termed as acidic,on the other hand if it is greater than 7 it is basic or alkaline. ph of blood is about i think 7.4 which makes it slightly alkaline.Pure water is normally set as a neutral marker which has
    ph 7.

  • @Rajeev2021 then last question. can blood being high in base be a bad thing? acidic yes, but base? my last blood ph was 7.41 thats why i ask. dr doesnt seem woried. i suffer from sleep apneas and i get c02 buildup

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