Would you rather have unlimited power or unlimited respect?

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  • Unlimited power.
    Now since i have power, i'll get some respect consequencly...

  • @sammy isnt that supposed to opposite of that? you get the unlimited respect and you wield a tremendous amount of power.
    Yea so, my answer would be unlimited respect.

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ being dbz fan i will take power

  • Machiavelli's The Prince has this famous quote "Its better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."

    Respect is internally based. It's a feeling you largely choose to feel, that you can large turn on and off easily. Respect is fickle. It comes, it goes, all it takes is one small rumor and all the respect is gone.

    Power is much more predictable and largely externally based. People who respect you can fall out easily on a fast downward spiral whim; power does not wear off if your base character stays the same.

    But note the "if you can not be both." The highest way is to be held in love, esteem, and respect during daily life, with something in the back of a person's mind that if they do wrong by you, you'll be a source of hell and misery. That keeps wanton destruction and arbitrary betrayals in check.

    So I'd go with Unlimited Power over unlimited respect.

    P.S: You posted the same thing 3 months ago why did you delete it back then? Its a good topic.

  • Unlimited power, with power comes respect.

  • @rendezvous
    As @Lucifer_ said respect is an internal factor!
    You could get unlimited respect from all but at the end if you look down on yourself, whats of the point of everyone respecting you?
    I could not understand what kind of power are you talking about here?
    Coming to having unlimited power..
    I could give an example of the leader of North korea. He has power and people have to respect him!

  • Considering this as just a question, even my heart goes with unlimited respect. (For eg. I m not the most loud and powerful among my friends but they do respect me very much and that is a totally different feeling )
    But the reality is ..if it were a choice to be made in real life.. everyone will go for power.
    Reason: look around you, thats the basic idea we are brought up and live with.

  • Unlimited power leads to control and i wanna control and conquer da world!
    a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a h a
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  • @sammy said in Would you rather have unlimited power or unlimited respect?:

    people have to respect him!

    yes exactly thats my point. If you have an unlimited power, people will have to respect you. And i am not saying that Powerful people wield their power in bad ways, but yes most of them do cause power is what makes you forget everything, your morals, your goals, wellness of people everything. Some poeple can be exception. Sure. And since, you gave the example of DPRK, let me remind you of Hitler. He had a lot of power and people in his own country respected him (as is the case with Kim Jong Un), but that was more out of fear rather than love. And so is the case with most of dictatorships and absolute single power states that have existed in history.
    So, according to me its better to have people who respect you by heart, love you by heart, rather than have people that respect you out of fear of your tremendous power.

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ Unlimited power bc then people would just give me unlimited respect.

  • Unlimited respect as it’s better to be liked by everyone than be in power of everything and get blamed for everything

  • Gamers

    thats not even a question, of course power i want

  • With power I can gain respect

  • You mean almighty powers? I guess I’ll just get the power to influence everyone to show tremendous awesomeness to me! Lol

  • I would like to get the respect...... cause with unlimited power comes unlimited responsibility. ...which i hate af

  • @hermes id like to have them both please ⚡