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    What do you think?

  • @anthonyy_ said in Should the death sentence still be a thing?:

    you never should be able to sentence someone to death against their will,

    Judge: Bro, you killed that man, and its been proven after tons of witnesses and DNA proofs and your finger prints on the weapons and your confession, do you want the death penalty?

    Criminal: Nah bro, I just want to live forever on the tax money the relatives of my victims pay.

    @anthonyy_ said in Should the death sentence still be a thing?:

    in court don't apply our freewill when deciding whether we should or not sentence someone to death.

    Criminal: I have a right to life and free will given by god.

    Judge: Bruh, you lost your right to life the moment you took a life which was not yours to take. When you killed that innocent victim you not just killed one person you killed everything they could ever have been. You not just destroyed his life but of that woman who called the victim her child, of that little girl who was saving her pocket money so she can buy her sibling a nice birthday present, You destroyed the life of that young person who had dreamt of spending the rest of their lives together. You have committed a crime not against one person but against the state. Therefore I sentence you to death.

    P.S: Free will is a combined package with restrictions, you can do the shit only if it does not hurt others, and when you hurt others you lose all the rights to freedom and life.

  • I think so, but it shouldn't be a common thing. It should be a punishment for only the worst crimes and only if it is clear that the person doesn't regret it and won't change after any time in prison. Some people are like that - they don't care about others in the slightest - and if it is sure that they are never going to change, then I think death sentence is appropriate. On the other hand, if it is, for example, a murder in heat of passion, then I don't think death sentence is a suitable punishment. What do you think @WtfJudith?

  • Yes, because first I hate humans. Okay, im going to be serious now. I remember seeing a boy burn his younger brother alive, and it really made me angry. But what really was satisfying was that he was getting a death sentence, and his reaction made me smile.

    Some people in the world do things that are so immoral that its inhumane, it annoys me how a man who literally tortured an infant (this is an example, but i hope it didnt happen) gets served to jail for like a decade. Some people never learn, they will keep doing what they want to do since its their freewill. I believe death sentence is true justice to the immorals.

  • I don't think so since we have freewill in our society. I understand some people gotta face consequences to their acts but you never should be able to sentence someone to death against their will, simply because it's not your life. If you're gonna pull out the "the criminal didn't care about the lives he took" argument, you should rethink it. The criminal killed because he wanted to use his freewill, us in court don't apply our freewill when deciding whether we should or not sentence someone to death. In my opinion, lifetime jail should be the worst thing you can get. We're civilized afterall and have bette techniques to bring someone to order. Since there's not Leviathan in our society we should apply rules chosen by everyone.

  • @lucifer_ I said earlier that you have to face the consequences that comes with the right to apply your freewill. You exaggerated this case by saying there are tons of evidences and witnesses but do you remember when court was absolutely sure of someone being guilty, sentenced them to death and later noticed they arrested the wrong guy. These kind of mistakes happens and we can counter them by not applying death sentence. And you were talking about money jail costs us in tax. Most of the jails are private and make their prisoners work/craft stuff they sell afterwards not giving them 1 cent of what they made/accomplished.

  • @wtfjudith the punishment should always fit the crime

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    Damn mamba. I appreciate the honest answer

  • @wtfjudith yea as long as there is pedophiles out there

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    I personally think that death sentence should not be there, not because its too cruel. Because its too easy on the people who commit heinous crimes. Sure, death sentence is awarded very rarely and that for too, the crimes that are unforgivable and committed being so heartless. But the people who do crimes like mass killings, mass rapes or committing any kind of atrocities need to live and repent their for their crimes. Death sentence is such an easy death for these heartless people and they dont deserve such a peaceful death.

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    No, because no one has the right to kill anyone on purpose.

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    Yes, satan owns this world

  • @lucifer_ the fact that you confessed everything doesn't make your prison sentence lighter ?

  • @wtfjudith Supporters of the death penalty often posit arguments that cite retribution for violent crimes as being instrumental in justice. However, several studies and research have show that taking the life of another human being through capital punishment only perpetuates a cycle of violence. Furthermore, other research has shown that flaws in our justice system has led to innocent being prosecuted, guilty being set free, and a plethora of other biases being present during capital punishment cases. While executions spiked in 2015, they were counterbalanced by a spate of abolitions. Four countries abolished the death penalty for all crimes – the highest number to do so in the space of one year for almost a decade. These developments are a clear indication that the trend towards abolition remains strong.

    Today, 103 countries have turned their backs on the death penalty for good.Those that continue to execute are a tiny minority standing against a wave of opposition.

    There are countless arguments for and against the death penalty. In an imperfect world where we can never be sure we have ever got the “worst of the worst” is it ever justified to take a life?

  • @beyatot an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

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    @violet-python Do you really think that hanging the person who burnt someone alive is equa; to the death that was caused by him?

  • @rendezvous yeah, but for people who commit mass murders and rapes, the only punishment that would be equivalent to their crime would be active torture, wich i'm pretty sure is illegal, regardless of the lerson who's doing the torturing.

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    @goldexperience torturing a person for his crimes is surely equal to what he did. But wouldnt that start a chain of tortures? (considering legality is not a problem)
    And I think, they are illegal for the same purpose. And most importantly an easy death is not a justice to what they did. They deserve to live, repent for their crimes, stay guilty of those, and their conscious troubles them until they die. They must die along with a guilt and a troubled conscious, instead of dying peacefully by the means of hanging.

  • @rendezvous belive me, i completely agree, but the general consensus of the average person would be that torturing a person is wrong, imoral, barbaric and so on. In theory, torture is the best idea, but it would cause a lot of problems if it were put into practice.

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