• I was wandering about life plans.
    I have always taken issue with plans... not forming them, thats the easy part... but the follow through, the completion of these plans.

    What I've never had is external influence with the production of plans and the future..... So I find it somewhat warming when unexpected things help to bias your train of though, mould a new direction

    " when something is ment to be, it falls into place. Maybe, just maybe things might eventually fall into place "

    Mr Peanut 2018

  • @mr_peanut
    2017 my grandfather(mother father)was diagnosed with cancer. Worst moment for our family. We have tried best hospital and doctors.
    I think life exam was going on,
    Reports were becoming worst day by day. Because of anxiety my blood pressure got increased(physically I am very fit).Unfortunately lost my grandfather 15 jun 2017.
    I couldn't bare the pain of loosing dad. I was in 1st semester of Pharmacy . I went somewhat near to depression. Started Crying in room many times.
    I didn't know what to do with my life anymore.
    You know one thing ? Main person to handle all the responsibility is my mom.

    My mom never cried in front of us because she want to gave us strength.
    I had continuously told myself that “I am not that weak”
    I became more mature started reading good books for motivation. In every step my elder brother and mom was beside me.
    You know one thing ? My tolerance got increased. I became more strong because I don't give up.
    fifth t rank in 1st semester.
    No matter how hard is your life there is always solution for it. Don't loose hope my friends.
    Don't give chance for negativity to conquer your mind. Always think positive because inner development is the crucial part for outer development.
    Just keep going, your bad time will fade.

  • @mr_peanut said in Isn't it funny when unexpected things help to reconsider things...:

    " when something is ment to be, it falls into place. Maybe, just maybe things might eventually fall into place "

    it is beautiful.

  • @sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ

    That's a very touching story, and you are right. There IS always a solution to be found for every problem. At the time it never seems that way, but as you quite rightly say, tolerance increases, you develop greater inner strength and as you grow as a person bad things become easier to grasp, comprehend and climb over and deal with.