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    is something bothering you?
    do you need to talk about something with someone?
    i'll listen to anything you have to say and try my best to help you!

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    @make-daddy-cum considering the fact that your name is "Make Daddy Cum", ummm no.

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    @devesh-sharma Don't worry about it. If that person doesn't want to talk to someone as amazing as you, they're not worth your time. Make new friends!

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    Also...people you can hmu if you are feeling lonely i'll be there all the time


  • What if I want to share my problems with mustafa, where do i contact him?

  • @ella_sky said in share your problems with Layla!:

    so, i have cancer, and a lot of people are looking down on me instead of seeing me as a strong fighting girl.
    how do i deal with that?

    By admitting you have no cancer,
    & you are a fraud
    & you lied
    & took someone elses life story
    & copied it to gain sympathy & upvotes.

    For those that dont realize what I'm talking about.Please go to the link below & see my lengthy post there . It's near the bottom part.


    I've done the same thing. Guess where I am at now. Yeah right... fucked up and don't know how my life should go on.

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    @toniijoness If you really love him and feel you're ready to take that big step... then go for it!

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    so, i have cancer, and a lot of people are looking down on me instead of seeing me as a strong fighting girl. how do i deal with that?

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    @layla Yes, my AC ain't working and the temperature is close to 34 degrees That's bothering me. Nothing except for that. A nice post btw, a lot of people may find this helpful :))

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    @lucifer_ Shall I make another post "share your problems with Mustafa!" just for you?

  • @thestrangest

    Aha ,i see you're a man of culture as well...

    Sees another fan of Carl sagan,
    heart beat intensifies ...

    I first came across it while researching the Rosswell alien incident in USA ... all that alien conspiracy,soviet hoax but later in the declassified files of Congress we find that it was a device launched on a ballon that at a certain height can listen to sounds of rockets or secret nuclear explosions.

    At that height layers in the atmosphere works such that it amplifies sounds to an extreme degree can reach almost half the world away .It was based on similar underwater listening devices that spied on submarines.

    .So when it crashed & launched such a public furor,the army clasified it to high heavens to not let the soviets know about such an advantage during the time of Cold war & some enterprising people with active imagination launched the greatest UFO story in history.

    Occams Razor ,ya know .. the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

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    Who dat nigga thinkin' that he frontin' on man, man? (Man, man)
    Get the fuck off my stage, I'm the Sandman (Sandman)
    Get the fuck off my dick, that ain't right
    I make a play fuckin' up your whole life

    Cant get over 'humble'😄

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    @michaelele Remember, everything gets better eventually. If you want to talk about it, I'm here ❤

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    @stranger_danger hmmmm. Thanks for exposing a liar, that needed some research too. Good job

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    @stranger_danger we learned how to track down origins of hoaxes, propaganda... at school, it was a special lesson we has during "la semaine de la presse" that roughly translate to "the week of the press" i quite liked that lesson. I don't think many countries have something like that

  • @thestrangest @thestrangest
    ... first clue for me was how professional the eyebrow looked & the image lighting,the smile with perfect muted lipstick ,the blush , background softening..

    & also the familiar website link of her picture (Bored panda ) that she gave .. which i know was for posting random article.

    Although i do have that extension ,nah dude just some search google for this image..opening first similar image ,translating & done ..everything was clear.

    Nah,not really taught dude... someone had once morphed photos of a foreign phtographer & aligned it with some bad images of my country & voila it was trending ..i knew i had seen that photo somewhere & so i searched for ways to reverse'search ...found google provided the easiest way in google image itself , used that & saw that the original picture of the photographer was 4 years ago in pinterest photographing dolphins...

    From then on,I've been cautious ...Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
    A few seconds of background search & you are forever at it has become routine for me.


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    @ryan78 said in share your problems with Layla!:

    hey so i’m a bisexual but i’m not out yet. and i’ve been talking with this guys from september to january. we stopped talking in january because we confessed to each other that we wann be together but because i wasn’t out it couldn’t happen. so after consideration i was going to come out to my family (who is 100% against homosexuality) so when I told this guy that i was gonna come out so we could be together he said “i hope you're not doing it for me” but when i told him i was doing it so we could be together he said “i’m not attracted to you like that” but he explained to me a few days prior that he didn’t wanna be with anyone because he liked me. so he told me he didn’t wanna hurt me so we cut out talking down to the minimal and we barely said a word to each other for 2 months. then i realized i can no longer live without him and that i’m in love with him. now i’m drooling over him and he doesn’t know i still love him. we started talking again and i’m trying to avoid growing apart anymore than we already have. i don’t wanna tell him i love him because i wanna have him in my life. he doesn’t have to love me. i just wanna stick around and be a friend. and i eventually wanna see the guy who makes him happy. i’m happy if he’s happy but i still wanna confess my love to him but how do i do that without freaking him out?

    OH MY GOD FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER. There are sooooo many different problems here. This is so complex

    1st identified problem, coming out.

    I think this video is enough:

    2nd identified problem, your boyfriend friend.

    Case 1, he isn't gay/bi

    Just skip to the answer of the 3rd identified problem then

    Case 2, he is gay/bi but he doesn't like you

    I think this video is enough

    If you understand that you need to earn love and try/have tried your hardest but it doesn't/didn't work skip to step the 3rd problem

    3rd identified problem

    You need to be straight with him (pun intended) and tell him that you'll always have feelings for him, that you won't make any moves (BECAUSE YOU WON'T AND SHOULDN'T) and that he hope he doesn't mind that whilst keeping you as a friend amd then hope that will time you'll find someone else. Maybe listening to sad love songs might help you move on... find a way but point is that after you tell him

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