• I like this guy and we have been talking for a few months now, but he also knows i still have feelings for my ex (first love) Its hard to get over him but I'm slowly moving on... I'm sitting here thinking to myself yeah John treated me like sh*t and he was so sexy and Eric treats ME amazing. I have never been treated like this before or until now i didn't even know how i was suppose to be treated. Eric looks not as good as John did but WILL people down grade me and start talking behind my back just because i picked the not so good looking one and he treats me good? Or how will John feel when i post a picture?

  • I say that you should just go with Eric. Fuck what everyone else thinks or says. In the end, you said it, John treated you like shit. Plus, you should not care about what John may say or think. He did not care about what you thought when he treated you like crap, so why should you? As long as Eric makes you happy and you make him happy, you are all set!! Be happy Girly (or boy, idk based on the username ).

  • This post is deleted!

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