In need of help, at helping others, to help myself, help each other.

  • I'm basically here because I've run out of auto-play, mental chatter, to interact with; and feel as though I've come to a point where the only possible way to further enrich and enjoy my life, is to provide some kind of beneficial service to fellow individuals, and get practice with connecting to others; to help me, help you; help me... help us, help we... 4 too, D two, I U B...

    Anyways; I'm here for whatever anyone wants to throw at me, anything that might make you feel better... or anything that pisses you off... which is technically feeling better than lump-fuck... same thing... which ever the extreme; from deep psychological concerns, and existential crises; to funny smelling items of potential interest, that probably don't belong on the floor at Taco Bell; to the nature of whatever the conceivable fuck, that there may, or may not be...

    And so's y'all know... I really, really, love questions, so please feel free to help a space-bro out, at reconnecting with a sense of compassion, empathy, and purpose in life.

    To our growing unified understanding, of the infinitely unconditionally loving, curiously creative force, that connects us all in harmony and balance, peace and tranquility, and the inner to outer exploration, of our own personally satisfying search, to allow further expansion, of our capacity to experience ever increasing degrees of self enjoyment...

    Love; the fuck; wins!!

    Signed, Happy Poopy Kitty

    Thank you happy poopy kitty... and now; back to our irregularly, unscheduled, de-programming, lol. ♥ ∞

  • @yubber-t-jones This is so beautiful.
    The world needs more people like you. Keep safe 🤗

  • @zombiecat Yay us! Thank you quite a much, bit; and takes one to know one! =)