• I am in Ontario Canada, my g2 is going to expire in 3 weeks. Do i have to take a g2 road test again or can i take the G road test before the actual expiry date..... OR can i pay a 90$ fee and simply renew the g2 license? help

  • @hellowhatsup this website isn't that good for these types of questions

  • What are the options for the holder of a G2 (or M2 or M2 with condition "L") class licence coming up for expiry?

    A G2 (or M2 or M2 with condition "L") driver may:

    • take the G2 (or M2 or M2 with condition "L") road test to graduate to a full G (or M or M with condition "L");
    • take the G1 (or M1) road test to keep their G2 (or M2, or M2 with condition "L").

    Upon passing the G1 or M1 road test, the driver pays the $75.00 licensing fee and receives a new licence good for another five years.

    Upon passing the G2 or M2 or M2 with condition "L" road test, the driver pays a licensing fee based on their birth date. The driver must go to a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.
    You can still book a road test. They will extend your license until the date of the road test. You have to go to the MTO to get the extension. I did it with my G2 exit. I did my G2 exit 5 or 10 days after the expiry of my G2. If you fail, you start over.