• I like this guy from last year and this year hes not in my class but i alway see him at the hallways and at the cafeteria lets just say there’s no time at school that i dont see him and i really like this guy tho i dont know if he likes me back he barely talk to me and i barely talk to him lets just say i feel like hes shy to talk to me but he’s not really a shy type boy but im really shy to talk to him cuz i like him ,well yah im not sure if he likes me but we always have eye contact and when we do i feel like he likes me it feels soo romantic and idk how to explain we have chemistry(sparks?) and one day at the cafeteria i was sitting with my friends i was looking at my them and they were on the right side of me then he sat on my left side cuz there was a free chair i didnt know he was there then he poked me i turned around then i said “omg u scared me” he’s face it was super close to mine like super close like when ur about to kiss a guy that’s how close it was then i turn to my friends again and i was freakin out cuz i like him alot and we dont talk, then he poked me again i turned to him i just rolled my eyes and yeah and after school the same day he was hanging out with my bestfriend and apparently he told my bestfriend that he likes me tho im not sure if my bestfriend is lying cuz she often does some people say the person i like likes me some people say he doesnt ,I feel like he does but what if i only feel like he likes me cuz i like him? We always have eye contact we always pass each other at the hallways but we never say hi,my bestfriend who is really close to him i guess said he likes me but others say he doesnt,Im so desperate i like him alot but i cant stand how im always getting my hopes too high and being upset at the end and it hurts i feel like giving him up but there’s this thing with him i cant let go and that if i let him go i wouldnt feel the thing i feel with him with someone else i cant explain i like him alot but i feel like im waiting for something that’s not gonna happen,but what if he really likes me then i let him go cuz i thought he doesnt,Idk what to do idk if he likes me or not idk...

  • Hi @kaycee.. Dainel Saint once said "if you wish to be warrior, prepare to get broken. if you wish to be an explorer, prepare to get lost. and if you want to be a lover, prepare to be both". Go express what you feel won't be a pain in the ass.. Talk to him, ask him to go out, just give him an enough sign that show you like him and see where it goes.. Try get close to him, find out who he is and let him know who you're.. I believe it will be lead to an answer you looking for.. does he love you or not..

  • just talk to him. about anything. even small talks will do. be awkward and shy, that's okay. itll pass. you don't have to ask him right away if he likes you or not. just be comfortable around him first and see where it goes

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