Hello there, do you need help?

  • If you feel depressed and lonely or you need someone to talk to I'm here 🫂♥️

  • Hello, I've been a little down lately because of university

  • Yeah, I do need help
    The situation I'm in is too hard to handle.

  • @DawnWillow hi dawn, I've literally just joined this site,I'm here to listen if you want to talk

  • I have a relationship/ social media question. I started dating a woman in December. We talk and text daily, plus we visit each as time allows. Unfortunately, we live in different nearby cities.

    The two of us have not agreed to be fully committed. However things are heading in the direction for a commitment based on our mutual interests.

    Now for my question. She went to Vagas for a work conference while she was away she spent time visiting a male strip club. She made a striper friend based on her social media activity. This confession means that I have noticed her "likes" of some of tory guy’s racy posts. Should I be bothered or talk with her? I am not jealous but more irritated and feel semi-disrespected.

    What are your thoughts?

  • @David-R buddy there,please cut off that relationship with him or her,you will get dumped the way you dump ur shit in the toilet

  • I kinda feel sad because I can’t find anyone or anything that can help me practice and get better at socializing because I have social anxiety and I want to get help and so I can be able to talk to my online friend I made yesterday that is the same age as me since we are both teens

  • Hello? Does anyone want to talk

  • I need help

  • I’m so hurt and sad today.

  • I'm in a lonely situation at the moment, if anyone else is in the same boat I'm happy to chat

  • I've been feeling really depressed lately and stop doing things I need to. I haven't showered in a while, didn't eat for the past week or so, and just stopped doing my schoolwork. I haven't slept in almost a month. I just need someone to talk to.

  • Hello,
    My partner and I (M/M) have been together for just about 2 years now. We’re both in our mid 20s, come from culturally Jewish backgrounds, and share many values. We met while both living in LA and were fortunate enough to both move to NYC for grad schools. We don’t currently live together as our schools are in different boroughs, but see each other most weekends as a compromise. Recently, my partner has been trying to make more friends as our social network seems to more heavily skew toward people that come from my experiences (school, past work, etc). He definitely wants more “guy friends” but also just more friends he feels he can bring to “our” circle. I have the benefit of living on a grad school campus with in person classes and a large cohort (which means all my peers live in the same place, take the same classes in person) while my partner’s school is much less centralized and students are spread around manhattan and take classes in a variable order (mixed cohorts). I’m trying to understand how I can support him making friends organically while also not feel like I’m ignoring him or “missing out” on time with him. We have open communication and I’ve directly asked about how I can help him, or if I should give him more space (ie not come some weekends to give him more “free time” to make plans with other people) but he gets upset at the idea that I wouldn’t be around as much when I could be seeing as our time is already limited. I’m not sure how to support his social growth - I’ve tried suggesting he join student groups, try to take in person classes rather than hybrid/online, join local events and groups, etc. but he seems resistant to my ideas. What should I do? Please and thanks for your thoughts

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