• This topic i never discuss with anyone because its too personal thats why i started chatting here.I m not satisfied with my life.

  • Hiii wanted to know more about your problems, if you don't mind, so that there is a way to solve your problem and find a better solution.

  • From next minute start living how you like to be,live the way you love

  • That's why I'm here. Been depressed for probably just over a year now (can't really tell when it became what it is) and I don't know how to cope. I've made huge improvements all on my own through self awareness, but my life is good right now, and yet I'm still sat here feeling empty, worthless and like I bring nothing to this world and this world brings nothing right back. My boyfriend and friends help, without then I'd be like this constantly. But its not enough, so what is?

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