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    Well the main moto of starting this campaign was to stop cyber bullying and trolling . Many people here have anxiety , depression and other issues in which they need emotional support , not trolling . When they get trolled , they feel suicidal . I know I m being somewhat philosophical right now but what's the matter if a campaign can save the lives of people . Everyday we read posts with similar names like I should live or die kinda things . Trolling someone is very easy but when you are being trolled , it hurts very much . Coz you are being forced to feel that you are nothing . But this is wrong . I thank all the people who supported us in this anti-trolling campaign . Dedicated to everyone who is against trolling and everyone who is a part of this campaign .
    Whenever someone trolls you , just remember that you don't have a fuck to give .

  • @cutie-cat the best way to fight trolling and bullying, is to really just show them love and ignore them. It is true, hateful people's opinions should have no fucks given, and just keep your head up, and your moral compass pointed forward never looking back.

  • @us-poet Absolutely Correct 👍


  • That is on point! I agree with that

  • @cutie-cat Agweeeed YOU AWESOME GURLL

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    what @cutie-cat actually wants to say is whenever someone trolls you, tell her and she will ban that person, she is our guardian angel na :3
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    @cutie-cat correct me if I am wrong. Isn't this the same thing you said in the post "Dearest Trolls", then in "What TWS was,..." and then over my post too? I don't understand the point of repeating the same thing time and again just to prove your point or garner support for something. #Nooffence ofc

  • @rendezvous Yup , I would like to correct you .
    Dearest trolls - I posted it for my personal reasons .
    Reply on your post - I opposed your post .
    This Post - Reason why we started the campaign .

  • @cutie-cat But its the same thing,right?

  • @rendezvous The language is different . And if I don't have any problem in repeating the same thing (according to you) , then what is your problem ?

  • @cutie-cat yes Priyanka that's what I mean. Just the language is different, but in the nutshell its the same,right?
    And No I've no problem if you repeat just one thing again, its just that its jeopardising the other people to form a view point(its my opinion and ofc you'll differ now) But most importantly, I just wanted to know if I missed something in these posts, so I thought it'd be better to confirm.

  • @rendezvous Ok , so the thing you missed is you know or not but you r being the bad guy here coz we started the campaign to stop cyber bullying and trolling to save the lives of people , but people like you enjoy trolling . I would like to make it clear , TWS is to interact with strangers not to troll strangers , so plzzz this is my last answer to u . I don't wanna talk 2 u anymore coz there's no point of talking to u

  • @cutie-cat First things first, you need to know what's trolling. I never trolled you alright. And you're the one being rude. I just kept my point and I never trolled you.
    And second, about being the bad guy. I know that right? But it doesn't matter cause I have every right to oppose something and if people gang up on me, I don't care. And @Willoww Thats what I was talking about, whosoever has a slightly different view, gets to be the bad guy. If this is not cult, then what is?

  • @rendezvous i need you to do me a favor and not make it seem like Im a bad guy.
    I cant control what other people reply. Cutie is taking a whole new perspective. Shes fighting you full on about it. I disagree with her methods. But its her way she wants to handle it.
    I already said that you had a right to your opinion and that your feedback is appreciated. And yes, the next time Mission Impossible does something, we will avoid a spam or doing it out in the open to bother you I guess. But otherwise, anyone can share anything they want about this. Its up to them to decide if their opinion is strong enough to disagree just like you did. Nobody is trying to silence anyone.
    I am getting a problem with this topic not because you opposed me, because it was logical, but because you replied here and made me sound like a dictator of some scary ass cult.
    What they say is their individual opinion. My bad if it is coincidentally because they are in the same friend group.

  • @willoww I agree with you 👍

  • @willoww Hey look I'm sorry, that came out that to you. And i truly never meant to seem it like the fact that youre a dictator or something. I didn't even know that you started it until you mentioned it. All i meant was that maybe, unintentionally people are just stuck with just one idea. And I sincerely apologize to you if i harmed your image in any way. I always think of you as a rational woman. And i tagged you here just to give an example. I didn't mean anything else.

  • @rendezvous Wow !!! I can't believe you are saying this 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • @cutie-cat saying what? I do agree i shouldn't project willoww as forcing someone. Thts all i apologize for. But I never agree with your ways of disagreeing with something. You're just being too harsh on your ideas, you need to chill a bit!