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    Hmm, i have a lot of those here, and i may not be here as long as some of the senior members have been. But i still can see some changes. SO i will say what i feel like saying.

    My first impression for this site was that its only for horny people, i mean i was on random chat and thats what you get there, then one day i registered and came to this site and maybe ran into some interesting posts i guess, so i lurked around for a bit, then some got to talk to some nice people, like @Laura-Anderson and @Black_Beetle. Now i realize i was here probably cuz i was homesick, but i still wouldn't admit that, then there was some mods drama going on and stuff. Still it was interesting enough to keep me around.

    Then somewhere along the way things got so bad that they had to introduce that feature that you cannot message anyone without being followed. Hmmm so the animal instinct in some people is so strong that they cannot stop themselves even after being ignored several times. COme on, whats the difference between you and animals if you keep doing that, go to porn sites if you want all that, this place is supposed to be better than that....

    ANyways, other than all those mongoloids, there are nonetheless some good people around, no wonder i am still around. Everyone mention names so i should too i think, thats a long list btw, @RAGNAR, @Lucifer_, @cutie-cat, @Depressed-Salad, @football_m29, @sup, @Sammy, @tehkotak, @KorgLife17, @Willoww and many more....
    Then there are new members too, like @BOOTS22, @Kimmy159, @iiNutellaii and some others, i think they are a very good addition to the community, and guys if you love this community, don't ever leave, you are all the good it has,

    I know i haven't even talked to some of them members, but thats just me, the routine of a researcher is not an easy one, i hope i get to talk to everyone someday, and i am also still waiting for that block feature that was promised to us, that will be very handy,

    Thank You.

    And as usual a song :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

  • pssst The TAG?

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    @sup yeah

  • @jynextremist "My tws story"

  • I finished reading and its awesome man!

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    @sup yeah i like stories, and its not even a bad one

  • @jynextremist great post!!!