• so i join Talkwithstranger about 9 month ago, i have made a post about my first impression about this site and and i say on that post that i feel people welcomed me and they nice, talk to me on Public chat even i just a newbie on this site ..
    the reason i join this site or other online chat room is i wanna talk with a foreigner i meant a foreigner guy :D
    but after days, month has past i became addicted to this site i enjoy so much not because i talk to a foreigner guy but just because people here/the people i talk with they so nice
    i dont remember that there is a spammer or some people harsh to other people, bullying, making fun about someone's depression or problem or someone who give a tmi or whatever on tws in the past.
    but someday those kind of people i dont like come and active on public chat. so i dont enjoy talk on this site as much as i used to.
    and when mod talk to admin about that harassing bullying things admin say thats just "ok ignore them because they not making our website unable to use".
    since i dont think thats ok people harsh to other people, bullying, making fun about someone's depression or problem so now i dont open tws as often as i used to . its better for me to leave and stay away from this site.
    we come here to enjoy our time, maybe some people dont have a friends in their real life, they got bullied, have a problems they come here to talk with someone, to forget about their problems for just a coulpe hours. if they come here and got the same things for what.
    they will leave this site like immediately
    i hope everybody can be nice even to stranger in real life or in the social media ..
    if you want people nice to you, you have to be nice to them :)

    but overall i like to be here,i make many a good friends..
    thankyou for all of you being nice , come and talk to me first :*

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    Love your writing and your tags.

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    @tehkotak the applause is very much deserved. This is beautiful buddy!!!

  • @tehkotak another awesome TWS story. Good job

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    @tehkotak woohooo saint bobbyyyy 👏👏👏👏

  • Damn!!!!!
    This is the best
    hats off

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    @tehkotak welcome

  • @willoww aww thankyou :smiling_face: i was thinking if i post the right one or not, or this is not what u meant hehe

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    @tehkotak this is exactly what i meant!!! And its beautiful

  • @willoww hehe thankyouu for the clap clap :D

  • @sup thankyou :D

  • @ragnar thankyouu , the best is too much for this post

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    @tehkotak you'll always have at least one nice person to talk to with me around, but I'm sure you know a lot of awesome people who have your back.

  • @us-poet yea im happy that i have a awesome nice people around me :)

  • @football_m29 thankyouu :) awesome is too much for this post

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