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    Sometimes we feel bad. And we look for connections in the strangest places...i certainly did . I initially joined for sexual reasons and friendship. I just felt that i needed another person, however I could get them. TWS was a place I could sit back and enjoy myself. Enjoy funny convos, responding to weird topics, and visiting the pub chat. I mostly lurked. Watching the funny chaos.

    I stayed because TWS does have some amazing people. A few important ones would be
    @charzard @bushmurry and @football_m29
    Ive had the most hilarious conversations of my life on this site. Ive made so many true friends. Ive made a family i never had. Sometimes days got hard. But at the end of it all, the ones who mattered most, the real ones, stayed.

    Then I met the love of my life. @RAGNAR . This was the biggest perk of staying on this site. I met a mofo as crazy as me. The cutest i have ever seen. The funniest conversation of them all. And i had a good first month and a half on TWS.

    TWS seemed to be the one thing I have been looking for. I needed this “interaction”. I needed people that understood me. I needed a place i knew i could share my opinion if I ever wanted. I needed this little fun gig of topics.

    I became a moderator and everything changed. I became painfully aware of the negatives. The overlooks. The hate. This is what i associate as the downfall of my happiness. I was immediately greeted as being the worst moderator. People told me i only got the position because i dated @RAGNAR . And what hurt most, is that it felt true. I had the admin up my ass firmly stating that i always made mistakes. That i wasnt one of the top. I remember feeling like I was in a competition with the other moderators.

    What were my ‘mistakes’? Making the most morally correct decisions. I started seeing these incidents when I joined the public chat and paying attention to complaints from users. I gained quite a few enemies. I remember some nights crying my eyes out. Perfect example: @willowlovesBBC . And there were also trolls that people don’t do anything about. I had to sit back and watch as a sixteen year old girl get harassed. She was called a slut, whore, and poor baby momma. And when I talked to the admin about it, he did nothing. Nothing was done. This poor girl, left the site with her confidence in rags. I still talk to her sometimes...and it is something she will never forget.

    This was not the TWS i first joined. This was not the site that made me come back every day excited for a new round of conversations.
    Instead of a “free fun chatroom”, i find minors being bullied, people of all genders and ages being sexually harassed, and spammers climbing through the walls. And nothing. Gets. Done.

    Its complete torment to see the rules go ignored. And the guilt tears away at me to not be able to do a damn thing about it. I am letting my morals slip as low as everyone else’s on this site.

    I remember at some point starting a mission of my own. I started a chain of love posts. Of topics that I wanted to change the way things happened. If the larger power (admin) wasnt going to do anything, i was going to do everything in my power to change as much as i could. And so it began...

    But I found that it wasnt creating a change. My naive little world was collided with a tidal wave of reality. Nothing could stop what was happening. I have had my anxiety meds doubled, depressants doubled, and my faith in this site grow smaller every day. Nothing i could do through these posts could change things. And no argument that i presented would ever change the rules of the world.

    Things changed again...a lot of my daily trollers had left. Most have never come back. And i made a whole new round of friends. Everything was turning up good for me. I made friends with
    @BOOTS22 @Abby.83 @Kat_15 @US Poet and many many more, too many to list.

    And that brings us...to this month...
    I have fallen on my ass again. Bullies have once again appeared in my pm’s. And the crushing feeling in my chest came back. Nothing had been done still. My blood boils when I think about it. THIS IS NOT THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD WORK, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    And I found that I am not alone. I looked back and realized, i wasnt the only user. So I found my new hope. I started a mission. Every user I could think of, some I have never even met before now, stepped up to my challenge. We would make our experience known. Id like to thank all of the people in the “Mission Impossible” group chat. @zazzles @anti-cute @Abby.83 @BOOTS22 @US-Poet @RAGNAR @cutie-cat @goodgirll @iinutellaii @jynextremist @Kat_15 @Emilyyyyyy @Dude-Lebowski @Kimmy159 @miracle7 @DangerousWoman @girlwhois16 @Rabbitboy @Leo_Sihra @Sammy @Black_Beetle @S_Dawn and last but certainly not least @sup

    Even if mission impossible doesnt work, all of you people are the greatest. Some of you are total strangers to me, but still willing to help me out, that gives me hope. And to some of you that I am close to, thank you for sticking by my side. Thank you for being there when i cried or had a panic attack from silly business on a stupid site.

    No matter what happens after this post is done, after this little movement is done, i can at least take away one helluva group of individuals. I have found the good ones-thank you for that.

    Also, because I am quite done trying to show my respect and be a good mod, fuck you @talkwithstranger

  • @willoww I could really feel every single word in this post. I know you might not always realize but you are more than strong enough to fight off the haters on this site. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and saying what needed to be said, and doing what no one else would. All of this movement happened because of you. You set everything up And organized it all. You should be proud of this accomplishment regardless of what comes from it.

  • I didn't even know what you had to go through in this site, but for me you are a strong girl because this few days I seen you happy and making jokes with all, I've never been bullied and I don't know what it make you feel, but I think most of the people here respect you and like you, so you are not alone.

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  • Carry on with whatever you are doing. You are doing the right thing. Without you this place wouldn't be what it is now. Keep removing trolls and keep encouring new users to become loyal users and make this a happy place for everyone.

  • damn very very veryyyyyy well said willow and you are certainly not a stranger to me :)

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    Can I say this was the best one, once again? plssss
    (she forced me to add the gif)

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    @sup i didnt even force you to comment Sup!!! 😂😂😂

  • I must say that from a newbie perspective you are doing great. I came here to find great people to talk to, and stumbled upon this wall of trolls that wouldn't let me connect with other users.
    However when I got to see more profiles and posts, I began to understand that they are also those who care about this website and who fight for it. It convinced me that I came to the right place.
    Your name (among others) -that i kept reading, always surrounded by word of respect kindness and love - convinced me to stay with a smile on my face.
    So from a newbie perspective. You can be proud of yourself and what you achieved.

  • @willoww Yu dont know how to lie..pheww

  • I really really loved it and I believe you are amazing by the experience I had with you till this day and I don't think this is ever gonna change.
    Well said @Willoww <3
    This post is the best one ever!

  • Blank bc it is better then letting a mistake.

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    @vacuity well welcome to TWS, mid revolution ;)

  • @willoww thank you for the welcome

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    I have seen a post about suggestions from you earlier too. Its a good cause and u ppl are putting a lot of time and energy. Keep going !

  • @football_m29 @Willoww that's exactly what I was thinking. If anyone thinks she's the worst moderator, they should really see the care she has from this post, to know how wrong they are. I know enemies have been made, that happens in any social circles where cliques are formed, but just keep your head up, and know there are people who care for you. I think if you stick around Willow, especially in the moderator position even though I can see how much pain it brings you sometime, this site will stay on the right path, and can be the great place you've envisioned.

  • @vacuity What was the joke somebody explain -_-

  • @sup sorry I got you wrong. Corrected that. Don't mind it.