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    Lets just stop for a minute and acknowledge how much one post. This one. Damn. Post. Changed my life. Bishhhhh, that ‘crush’ i was telling you guys about, had no clue it was even him. He text me giving me advice about telling this person, and little did he know that it was himself.
    @RAGNAR and i have been dating since the night this topic was posted. The minute i had the balls to admit to it. And god damn, it was worth it. So to the people that are scared to ask someone else out on a date or admit you like them- do it. If i could do it, trust me, so can you.
    To mah mofo Sammy, i love ya babes. Infinity plus one, forever and a day, and all my heart plus all of me. Te amo mi amor, siempre y para siempre.
    And lastly, to the bitches that keep asking my man for nudes and saying “dont worry she wont find out.” I hope you die in a hole. Surrounded by gooey worms. Without food or caprisuns for days. And suffer, fuck you bitch.

    smiles sweetly

  • omg!!
    without caprisuns!!

  • Aww te amo mi amor siempre y para siempre!!
    love you

  • @willoww you two are absolutely adorable lol. Also because of that post I chatted with both you and @RAGNAR and gained some pretty damn good friends from it. Scratch that not just good friends, you guys are family

  • FML. I want to propose a girl where I live but I'm too shy and I don't even know her name.This suckssss