Spending too much time together Vs. Spending too little time together in a relationship.

  • I believe that both of these are equal when it comes to having a good relationship. I'm interested to see what you have to say on this subject.

  • To bad I was never in a relationship w. someone lmfao

  • @winters For me I can never spend too much time with the love of my life but some times a person needs space so there shouldn't be spending too much time and there shouldn't be spending too little time with him/her both of the people obviously need time to themselves you don't have to be smothered by the other person but you do need to spend a lot of time together.

  • This to me doesn't make any sense.
    It has to balanced
    Spending too much time together- you get obbsessed with your partner
    Spending too little time- may lead to some misunderstandings
    But a question... What about the wives of soldiers who stay away for months from their hubbies?
    Conclusion: ...

  • Time spent together in a relationship is not to be quantified. Its the qualitative aspect that matters..
    More thought should be given on "How should we have quality time with each other?"
    x Days y Hours z minutes doesnt matter..
    Because you will always remember those MOMENTS!!