Well I’m back after some time, a lot of time, an age of thinking

  • Well recently a lot of people asked me where I’ve been and well to keep things from getting too repetitive I’ll just make a post about what I’ve neen throug

    Recently I’ve come to find a lot of self doubt in me(I don’t mean that I find that I’m worthless or don’t matter but just more conscious of other and how they can view people as general characters) being myself was kinda hard for me as I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere started lurking in places where I usually enjoyed and was just being the extreme introvert I was in those times only talking when needed and not enjoying things though it’s over now and I’m calm again it’s nothing anyone did wrong or anything i don’t want anyone to take the blame other than me but what brought me out is some groups I found where it was comfortable to be with they showed me how to not be afraid of myself and what I do is what they love me for and if I ever needed help I could just go to them for help and I spent some time doing that and came back to my general wholesome self and felt better so no worries and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again so in brief

    I’m ok, I’m happy, I’m calm ^¥^

  • @rabbitboy Its so good to see you back. A lot of us missed you. Take care and dont leave again :) Ily

  • @nutellabiggoat I probably won’t leave for that long again I’ll probably notify in a post if it ever happens again...sorry I had left for so long

  • @rabbitboy Thankgod youre back. Tws lacked good users.

  • @nutellabiggoat it lacked when some of my friends including you and some which I won’t name cause the list is that long, weren’t on and I didn’t feel like it was too much of a place to be but I come back and so many good people are on again

  • @rabbitboy Yes. Many people are back and tws is great again. You're back too

  • @rabbitboy

    Welcome back buddy, I don't think you were around when I 1st joined, so hello, I'm Mr-H or Hugo :p

  • @mr-h well it’s a pleasure to meet you mr-h