• Tell me about your crushes, what's the background story? What attracted you to them? You can mention as many crushes as you want. I think it's interesting to hear about these sort of things.

  • @Littlelion12 I'll tell you about my first crush. It was 2 girls, i was 7, they would have been 10 or 11. They were allowed to practice dance in the main hall at school during lunch hour. I'd have my face pressed to the glass watching them, it was so...i don't know, comforting? Such grace and beauty, gentleness and loveliness. Things i never knew in my home life. You know that scene in shawshank redemption where he plays that beautiful operatic piece? It was like that for me. Even aged 7 i knew i needed some of that in my life

  • @Scottish That's adorable. Do you have a strong attraction to dancers? I hear some things from childhood stay with us as adults.

  • @Littlelion12 well i had a girlfriend once who was a ballerina and i buzzed off that, i would have been 15/16. But I've never had a "type", all my partners have been very different in looks, personality,attitude. But they all had an individual spirit and character that drew me to them. Grace and elegance however remain two things i greatly admire, could be anything, watching a bricklayer lay bricks or a.chef slice an onion.(ive done both hence the examples), i just love to watch people do things gracefully and with aplomb, like.they are one with the task being performed

  • @Littlelion12 When i was younger i had a crush on a girl at my school but my best friend from childhood told her that i liked her and he ruind it literally all for me..
    i grown older and found an other crush and also i got to be with her for a longer while till she did something... bad and i could fell on a deep hole of pain from being with her at this time i guess it's nothing i want to bring to the public that easly
    after that i saw someone on TV she moderated the weather (laugh) i thought ...wow thats the girl i would love if i could ! exactly my type ! .. my friends managed that i met her in irl and yes i married her :D and got a long time with her till she made me chose between her and my dream and i could not really pick even i known she was everything for me also my dream was my soul and she broke up as i wanted to pick both also i divorced after she gone away and took my son with her and slept with someone else because i was not good enough anymore.

  • @Hyde ouch Haido, that is tough. Are you seeing your son now?

  • @Scottish said in Your past crushes:

    @Hyde ouch Haido, that is tough. Are you seeing your son now?

    I see my son 1 -2 times a mounth when i am there he is 17 now and i thought it' s normaly for a 17 years old to have his own way :)

  • @Scottish So grace and elegance is what stayed with you. That sounds whimsical. The way you talk about it is inspiring. I can feel a character coming alive from this. Thank you for the share!

  • @Hyde Oh my goodness I'm sorry to hear how that ended. How old is your child if you dont mind me asking. Also, are you planning to pursue this dream of yours now that she is not directly involved in your life anymore?

    Edit: I see he's 17!

  • @Littlelion12 Yes he is 17 now but he literaly does now what he loves (also singing and playing guitar like me now)
    well i keep drinking wine with her time by time but it hurts to see her ..

  • @Littlelion12 thankyou for posting, it reminded me of something beautiful that really saved me at the time, maybe not saved, definitely not, but it gave me a glorious respite and showed me what was possible

  • @Hyde You have a passion for music ah. Is Jrock your style of music? I'm only asking because I remember Hyde. He was pretty popular back when I was in high school. Anyway, It's beautiful that your son is following the same passion as you. You must have given him the gene for musical talent! I see, How long ago did you two seperate? Is she aware about how you feel?

  • @Scottish you continue to intrigue me with your story! Now I have to know how you found such profound bliss over elegance and grace. Please do share lol

  • @Littlelion12 I do rock since 1991 :) and you know me ?
    and yes my son is talented in music very much also i don't really think i am talented in it peoples seem to like my work
    we are seperated since 2015 .. 1 mounth after that my mentor died so i was pretty sad at that time and yes she knows that i like her but she don't know how i feel inside i am to shy and also to closed on my own feelings to hurt her with my words

  • @Hyde spit it out Haido, i think it's better to regret what you did say or do than what you didn't. At least you know and have closure instead of whistful what-ifs

  • @Scottish you're right my brother !

  • @Hyde go listen to ask me by the smiths, i love that song

  • @Scottish (laugh) awsome one yes !!!

  • @Littlelion12 i only had just one crush in my life.That was few months ago .It was when i went on a field trip with my friends.There i met a girl who asked me to click a photo of hers and after that we even talked a little.I know it's kinda normal for a girl to ask this kinda stuff but since i am a little socially introvert and kinda dorky,girls rarely approach me in life.But i felt like she's into me for a moment.I know it was kinda delusional of me to think like that,but it like a enchanting dream because she was the prettiest girl with whom i ever talked.She even shared the chips with me she ate.i still remember her pretty face with glasses and her beautiful smile.But it also kinda hurted me because i knew i can't never be with her ever because she was so pretty like i don't deserve her as there are surely be other guys better than me she could fall for.Besides after that incident for few weeks i always thought of her and it hampered my studies badly .So i wish not to have any other crushes in my future and being delusional about them.

  • @Rajeev2021 oh no that cut deep. One thing that has nothing to do with looks is confidence. As far as looks, are highly unattractive dudes out there that women fall for because he doesn't put them on a pedestal. If you want to get better, preferably when you're past high school, say hi to strangers you find attractive and get their numbers. Do this like an exercise. Theres a TED talk about this guy doing a study on rejection where he made a task to think of ways to get rejected 100 times. He thought about the most ridiculous things to ask and eventually he got good at getting rid of the fear and was even able to get a yes on many of his requests. If I can find it I'll link you. It's the same concept with girls. A lot of guys are afraid to approach the pretty girl. Dont make those mistakes. You miss 100% of the time you decide not to take a chance. The worst that can be said is no. Just exercise this like a muscle. Also when you ask for numbers dont coerce them just say ok. Try to open by saying hi, and say something like I couldn't help but notice how pretty you are and ask for her number or w.e. rejections will hurt but it's really just a numbers game. Anyways I've rambled too long lol