My Tragic “Crush” Story

  • About 3 months ago on a Friday night at a high school football game. I was sitting with my friends in the student section in front of my crush, Nelson (a senior) that I liked since sophomore year
    It’s funny how we would go to lots of school events and see eachother around school but never go up and talk to eachother (well only brief convos). I could tell he was a really shy dude but I am WORSE.
    Our team was losing badly, so he decided he wanted to leave with 4 other friends 20mins early. He was looking for his bookbag. (I knew where it was but didn’t know it was his) He jokes around and told me I tried to finesse his bag. I laughed and my friend, Nat, elbowed me and smiled bc she knew I liked him. He left and she told me “it’s a start of a love story!”
    The game ended at 10 and I leave. Polices and ambulances blocked the road near our school. I didn’t pay much attention to it thinking it was nothing bad and headed home. I mean I was happy asf bc I got to speak to my crush so what’s the worst that can happen???
    2 hours later someone posted on Snapchat to pray for 4 boys that got into a car accident. Minutes later only 3 names were identified and one of them was Nelson. I LITERALLY FREAKED OUT. I texted all his friends to see if they were okay but they didn’t know. An hour passed and the news reported that 3 were dead and 1 was critically injured but didn’t release names. Until one of his brothers texted and said Nelson was one of the three along with the two boys (I knew them too) that didn’t make it. That’s when I LOST IT, that night was a nightmare... and now after that day everything is so dull and this empty and lonely feeling and this pain inside me.... I can’t stop crying. It’s the first time I actually lost someone, not only one but three. They were so young and I regret not speaking to Nelson sooner and it breaks me thinking of what would’ve happened if he hadn’t died. Would it actually be the beginning of a love story? Well not anymore.

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    @yessi My condolences.

  • @yessi Life is short, don't life in regrets, just be happy about what did happen while he was here with us instead of regretting what you didn't do. But you do need to be sad about it for at least a month, that is normal, I feel bad for you, can I help in anyways and sorry for what happened. (sorry if word choice isn't the best)

  • @bompies it’s okay, thank you so much.

  • @yessi No problem

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