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  • @fanta_ yes it does, the past shapes the future in some way or another either bad or good but that doesn't mean that you make past events put you in a dark hole, instead use these events to improve the future!

  • Not really if we are talking about basic things. I look at the past, I look at what I have done over the years but that just doesn't feel like me, you know? I am what I am right now. I am not the me from 2 years ago. No one is. People are constantly changing. That's what I think anyways..

  • The past will only define you if you are the same person you are now compared to the past, and people change more often than you think. It can be either good or bad.

    But what really defines a person is the Mental State he or she is in. If you are in a bad place and your thinking is negative, you might end up doing something you regret and vice versa.

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    @fanta_ Well I personally think that neither the past nor the present and not even the future defines a person . Past can definitely influence our present or future but it is totally in our hands whether we want the influence or not .Many prophets were previously thieves or criminals but they changed their path and started walking on the path of spirituality . But the stories of their cruelty are still famous . This means that if we have done something bad in the past and even if we try to wash those bad things by making our present better , then too the stains of those bad works remain . So I think that a particular time period cannot define a person , it's all about the karma and the ratio of good over bad .

  • everything that you have done in the past or that someone did to you, makes you who you are. but all these things don't define what you are going to do in the future.

    your past defines who you are now, but not who you are going to be.