• So I've heard what Cancel Culture (which I hate) is trying to do to Sebastian Stan. Summary: they're trying to cancel him because CC found an old Tweet of his gf wearing a geisha outfit, which to them means she was "culturally appropriating" the Japanese culture. The whole scenario is nonsense; it's a bunch of smoke made up by people too bored during this coronavirus season and frankly aren't even Japanese, but it does help to serve what I think culture appropriation means to me.
    Firstly nobody has a lawful claim on a culture, especially in America. It isn't a copyright, and the sharing of cultures is what America was made for as well as made the country great. It's why the country is called the melting pot (remember that term in high school history?) and it's why we can eat tacos and sushi. However, the concept of "cultural appropriation" does exist and I think should exist.
    My belief of cultural appropriation is when other people look at certain aspects of a culture and adapts that culture onto their lifestyle for the simple purpose of looking fashionable. People who do not take the time to study the culture, to appreciate its rich history, are just appropriating it. In simple terms, if I give you my dashiki, I am sharing my culture with you. If you see me wearing a dashiki, thought it would like nice on you and create your own, you are appropriating the culture.
    Now people like to focus on the first part of my section and say "nobody owns a culture" and they would be right, and also incredibly rude. It is simply rude to assume that nobody cares about the culture, therefore it is free pickings.
    Jordan Peele made the movie "Get Out" which I think talks about society's appropriation to black culture. Did you find it wrong that the people in the family took control of the black people's bodies just to run faster or look pretty?
    But that's my thoughts about culture appropriation! And with the Sebastian Stan issue, she was wearing a freaking costume. That wasn't a daily outfit to her, it was a costume for that singular event. The CC should let it go, but they never do.

    What do you guys think about culture appropriation? Do you think I am wrong or right?

  • i heard it best said this way during the protests, said by a former NBA player named Jalen Rose....."i wish they would see ME and love ME ....not just my rap music and clothes"

  • @NiaRox you're describing the exact situation what's going on outside, around us.