• Sometimes it’s faith that people hold on to. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you can confide in someone else and trust them to pull you out of the pain before you dwell in it for too long. Pain is one of those hideous places that, once visited, you have to fight your way out, and even when you think you have escaped it, you find that it has permanently marked you. If
    you’re like me, you don’t have
    anyone to depend on, no one to take your hand and assure you that you’ll make it through this hell. Instead, you have to lace up your boots, grab your own hand,
    and pull yourself out.

    What does faith mean to you?
    Do you have faith in something higher? Do you believe that faith can bring good things to people?

  • I have faith and confidence in myself. Belief in a higher power well that depends on each person's state of opinion but mine is of a single deity but who and what or where or purpose Idk tbh

  • @lost_illusion19 To me faith is that which is needed to believe in the otherwise unbelievable. Just an opinion