• Tell me your opinions (yes this means worldwide).

  • Music Lovers

    @hermes No, because no one would know where they belong. Grades categorize us. Also, everyone would just slack off. Grades encourage us to work harder, the good grade is a reward.

  • no......
    btw grades dont decide ur skills and future!!!

  • Music Lovers

    @hermes Grades should never be abolished. How else would you judge the academic progress of students. I don't know any way better than that. Moreover, grades enable competition and motivation spirit in students. Sure, they are not the only way to measure the success. But they are the best way to measure the academic progress. And I feel there must be a bit tougher competition among students in academics because these days, most of the kids take their studies lightly and they have a casual attitude towards everything. And personally, I've benefited a lot from the competitive spirit.

  • @raj33 Well I disagree, grades may be important but it should not be the only thing people focus on. People go to school to get an education and be successful in the future, not to only get good grades. If students were to only focus on grades, that will create more stress for them.

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