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    My question, in case, would be: "Shall school be reformed, the whole conception of it, but in particular shall we try to establish a model of a perfect school, thus every nation can have such kind of school (I'm not asking what kind of model you would suggest, but rather if it is a good idea to even think to this eventuality, as today every nation has its own school system) where education comes before instruction and where the locus "school" is not just mandatory place to stay in from hour x to hour x, but also where young people and future citizens can find the "right" environment to prepare themselves to live in society, to be conscious voters, to train their bodies, to find love and/or practice it and so on? If in your nation the school system has already that conception and that system, remember that not every nation has it. My idea in briefly is that we shall start school at the age of 13/14, the locus school is something like a whole real small city, everyone is independent, with that I mean you don't have to go back to family every afternoon... My utopistic idea, and it's really an utopia, is really similar to the school that you see in animes like Yu gi oh GX for example.