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    Let's discuss about ur topics which is interesting for u.
    Mine is about my first date,
    Inspite of using condom I was so scared if anything gets wrong. I went to a medicine shop to buy pregnancy testing kit. But I didn't know how could I say that to the uncle of the shop. Then I told him "uncle do u have that kit in which a girl use to pee at the early morning" 😂😂. I was 16 then n so much nervous

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  • Consider me dumb, stupid or whatever but I have this one question that been bothering in which I didn't find answers on the internet: Is the term "White" only meant for English speakers? like only for Americans and British people? to the people who are originators for the shit? Maybe France can be a little bit but definitely not whole europe or middle eastern countries like saudi, iraq or others who their skins are White?? you know that Saudis have lots of black and all kinda skins but I don't see any racism there. #politics #Americans #middleeasterns #saudis #iraqis

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    during these protests, i keep seeing this sprayed everywhere---ACAB and 1312. wtf is that? is that a group like ANTIFA?

    also, what the fuck is a a "pepper bomb"? i know what pepper spray is. some lady journalist said she was hit with a "pepper bomb". never heard of

  • @Mike-JB in the UK acab stands for all cops are bastards. Maybe it's the same there?

  • @Hayder-Abullah white is just a general term. Pretty hard to use a racial slur against a whitey. Now if he gets mad when you call him a honkey, run

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