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    As I scroll through my instagram and on TWS. As well as just the every day walking around in real life, Ive come to find how much more open everything is. The basic “kms” is a joke, depression and anxiety are now memes, eating disorders are treated like nothing, tossed under the rug. Everything is brought into light. Mental illnesses were once something you kept from everyone, but now everyone knows. They are aware it is an issue. However, why do I still see shaming for it?
    Why is the “fat girl” on instagram becoming a meme to stop eating? Stop eating. You dont know her. None of the people who like the picture know her. Nobody who comments and tags their friend knows her pain. They dont know the struggle of waking up every morning and being ashamed to look in the mirror. “You are beautiful in every single way, words cant bring me down”. Quotes like these only go so far. Family support only goes so far. A person can only be strong alone for so long. An eating disorder, just because you know it is an issue, does not just get tossed around. Bulimia, anorexia, purging disorder, they are REAL. Words mean more than what you think. One wrong move, and you have shattered the confidence of a person. Another human being, just like you. Just trying to get by and worry about school/work, getting into college, maybe getting promoted. Just let them be like you, able to look in the mirror. And not only see a beautiful soul and body, but an army of people behind them.

    As for depression, I have struggled with this for a long ass time. And no, Im not going to seize opportunity and tell you my shitty story. Im here just to make people aware. I was scrolling through TWS the other day and I saw a few people had posted topics about needing a friend, needing advice, needing just a complete stranger to talk to. Hell, I even saw one announcing they were killing them self. And it made me sick. I felt queasy and sad for them. The replies underneath the post were things like “attention whore”, “a desperate cry for attention”, and even the age old phrase of “kys”. The internet is one of the last places a person would go to. I know at some point we have all felt alone. We have all been sad at one time or another. We have all felt the painful jab of judgement from others. But I bet you can think of one person who would be there for you if they could. One person that could make you laugh when you dont want to. Someone that will sit and listen to you. But maybe..maybe some people dont have such a blessing. Maybe their family isnt there, they lack friends, or they just needed someone who cannot judge them, a stranger. But instead they are only shamed. Shamed for what the feel. An emotion, something they cannot control.
    Depression is not a cry for help.
    Depression is not a joke.
    Depression is not an overnight sickness or common cold.
    Its a weight that no matter how hard you try to lift, it only pushes you down. Its like a blank abyss. The darkness slowly consuming you. And as you fight and struggle. Trying to keep your head above water, it only continues to drown you. Now imagine, someone pouring a pail of that darkness over you. The comments of “kys” and “good for nothing”, “stupid”, or “attention whore”. And the abyss finally just consumes you. Depression is not a joke. Its not a cry for attention. Its a need for help, for support. Depression is destruction, a force so strong it can turn a person into a brainless, miserable zombie.
    So no, do not think about the end. Do not pass someone off. Just...listen. And to anybody out there that needs assistance, a little light, I will give you the damn sunshine. My private messages are open to anyone that comments below this, I will message you.

    I also want to get one thing straight in case the comments blow up. I have called out NO ONE. Although, I would like to. I merely want to bring awareness to the hatred/ignorance thats taking over this community. We are supposed to be here for each other. And maybe not because we are “one big happy internet family”, but because we are all just humans. And we all get to be sad. We all get the right to want support. I never again want to sit back and see people hurt others. I never want to be afraid to comment my opinion.
    If anybody has a fucking problem with what I wrote. If you got annoyed by the length or the way I worded something, dont bother. If you find any of what transpires in some of the extreme memes/social media comments, we cannot be friends. There is a difference between a joke and a bad decision.

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    You are the most amazing person we have seen on tws.

  • Thats mah bebe! Big up @Willoww !! You are the best

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    Wow! You did a great job @Willoww you kicked off every haters ass by your words! I appreciate it!

  • @willoww once again an amazing post willow. It’s sad to say that this was a needed post but it definitely was a needed post. There is a huge difference between some friendly banter and completely tearing someone down. I see way to much of people getting torn down on here and it needs to end. Like you so perfectly stated these are legitimate issues people have they are not just cries for help, if anything they are pleas for support. So to everyone out there that feels the need to tear people down to make yourself feel better, just stop. Go work on yourself because you clearly have issues of your own if you think kicking people while they are down is ok. As for anyone who ever feels depressed or anxious or has anything in general feel free to PM me my PM’s are open to all and I will always respond. I’m more than happy to lend an ear and I’ll assist you in any way I can. Just know there are people out there who are willing to help.



  • @willoww I completely agree with you @Willoww. Too many have already fallen victim to this terrible plague. Depression is not joking matter, nor is it an attempt to seek attention. It is a real and serious issue. And people who view it as a laughing matter sicken me.

  • This was a needed post. Great work @Willoww !

  • Preach it Will 😂☺

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    you rock @Willoww , keep it up 😉

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  • -.- checkhead

  • I believe these people who pick and comment on ones disabilities with hatred and anger are disabled themselves, in a way.
    There's no need to say anything, and yet, people talk and talk and talk.

    Whatever, we're all going to die soon anyways.

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