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    Let me just start by saying: THIS IS NOT ABOUT @RAGNAR . ONE MORE TIME: NOT. ABOUT. RAG.
    This is about all the pm’s that are receives by each of us. About the name calling in the pub chat. And about a few experiences in the past that just fuck me over everytime i think about it.
    Lets address one thing first, because some may not know. Meh and @RAGNAR are TAKEN. Single. Off the market. No sexting, no nudes, and no flirting. Is that me being too demanding? I dont think its too much to ask for horny peeps to leave us the hell alone.
    The only reason this has become a topic is because i had to change my settings to “just users i follow”. And man, i liked leaving my messages open to anyone that needs help, or anyone in general. I liked to be the “unofficial welcome party of TWS” for many new users. But this HAD to be put in so that me and Samnas could avoid temptations, avoid the annoying horny people.
    Some people just cant take no for an answer. And the reply “sorry i have a girlfriend/boyfriend” means nothing to people. Someone please tell me WHY. Why is the response “thats okay he/she doesnt have to know”? Just wtf, someone please do share. Is relationships just a big joke? Or are you just so horny it doesnt matter?
    If cheating while dating isnt enough, what about marriage? Last year i met a dude online and we dated for six months. I visited him a few times, he visited me. Now, i believe right before our six monthaversary, i got a text. And it said “This is his wife, he will not be coming to see you next weekend. And he will mot ever see you again. Fuck you bitch, he has kids for god’s sake!” He lied. For six months. Cheated. Why is it worth it? Just why?
    And lastly, this is quite so related to this topic title. But I am by no means “Raggie’s whore”. I dont know who is finding it so funny to say that, but seriously? Who tf do trolls think they are? I am so much more than a whore. Hell yeh, i have sent my fair share of nudes and sexting sessions. But at least i know when i can be doing that, and when i cant. AKA: WHEN I AM NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP.

    And lastly, what would a post be without mentioning the inspiration? Fuck all you bitches, im hoping one specific person knows EXACTLY who i am talking about.

    Now, onto the question. Why? Just. Why.

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    @willoww most of the people like that are not happy with their love life i guess, and by that i mean truly desperate to sext and stuff like that. They come here and try to vent of all their frustration and thats how it goes. Just let them be and ignore them, there is no changing them, trying to change them or argue with them is just a waste of time.

  • @willoww because unfortunately in today’s society people in general are scum bags. Now before anyone gets defensive about this statement im not saying everyone is, just more so that its a majority of people that are. Either they are spoiled little bitches who aren’t used to being told no, or they are people with no real morals at all and they don’t care about others relationships as long as they are in pursuit of what the desire. Another even more messed up group of people are those that just do this shit for fun. They have no attraction at all for either party of the relationship but they find it fun to try to break them up and ITS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DISGUSTING. SO to all those fucking trolls go crawl back under your lonely ass bridge and leave people alone. Rant over

  • Well because chaos is a ladder.

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    I'm always available for a friendly chat and will never ask for anything sexual. I don't push for something people don't want.

  • coz they think they can just get away with it, especially when the cheating or name calling is done online.

  • @willoww because they r sick

  • So... is this about @RAGNAR ?

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  • @korglife17 asking the questions we all have.

  • @us-poet


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    I see you.

  • Hear hear

  • Thats the truth girl,
    For some, relationships are a joke.
    They are weak individuals who fear long commitments.
    'i love you' means 'i want to waste some months of your life' in majority cases
    It suprises me to see people cheating in relationships, Upon that thinking its a very normal thing.
    There are going to be such people..
    Your work is to just ignore such pervs...

  • Because it's the internet and I've never experienced that but by the way u explain it it sounds horrible, best of luck to u, fighting! @willoww

  • @Willow because we are humans. We are not satisfied that easily.