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    I'd like to think I'm a strong person,
    that I'm not that weak,
    but I only went so far by myself,
    trying to take the whole world on my shoulders,
    and you don't realize that you're taking on too much until it is way too late.
    It's not the easiest to reach out,
    or let someone else know what is going on in your head,
    to let someone see you at your most vulnerable,
    and it gets worse if you sense any form of rejection from a person,
    but when you meet the right person,
    that accepts you for who you are,
    and won't make you feel like a freak,
    or like everything you do is a mistake,
    or all of those things that you do that just feel so wrong,
    aren't the problem,
    but the symptom of what's been bothering you for so long.
    You might never heal all the way,
    and you might never get back to what you used to consider normal,
    but just knowing there is someone out there who actually cares about you,
    even if it's just enough to distract you during your darkest moment,
    it will give you the fuel you need to push forward,
    to push yourself to be better,
    and it starts to put the idea in the back of your head,
    that this will get fixed,
    that this doesn't have to be permanent,
    that you might never be who you were,
    but that person was sick,
    and I hope to never know that person again.
    So thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most,
    my heart couldn't take the way I was living for so long,
    and my future is uncertain,
    and in some ways things are still a struggle,
    but I know I'll always have the best distraction,
    when my world feels like it's falling apart.

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