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    If you let yourself get pushed around you can end up in an empty shell,
    of the person that you used to be and everyone can just tell,
    that there is something off about you now and you are far from well,
    so you begin to think about how you've got there and as you dwell,
    how you can begin to dig yourself out of your own personal hell,
    and that can start a journey of making new connections,
    to see who else out there has experienced the same sort of dejection,
    a process in which seems has no real selection,
    but when you look in the right places it's easy to start to find your direction,
    where you'll gravitate to those who've also had personal conflict,
    from which the best can make you feel emotionally stripped,
    and get down to the source of where you've started to slip,
    as they help you finally take steps to make your trip,
    in this life that you're making,
    where hopefully you've been reached before you reach the breaking,
    point of no return that can feel a bit overwhelming,
    but with their help you'll finally start to feel something uplifting,
    that you're not really alone,
    you're not the only one to travel these paths on your own.
    It takes another for you to be shown,
    that you shouldn't have to feel like you have to atone,
    for things that just happen beyond your control,
    but it's still hard not to blame yourself for this toll,
    that you've put on yourself and your loved ones while you dig out of that hole,
    so these new friends are what you need for the health of your soul,
    and even though they're online it doesn't make them any less,
    the right connection can make you feel blessed,
    that they've helped you address,
    some things you've pushed back too far holding back your progress,
    in your worst moment of distress,
    because you're not the only one to be depressed,
    and not the only one to experience it in the same way.
    You should never feel afraid,
    to reach out at your worst moments of dismay,
    any moment of there time can make your day,
    so even though there can be a great distance,
    it's just nice to know of there existence,
    as the best friends will give you a lot of patience,
    to help you while they give you assistance,
    to find your own personal finish line,
    that will come in due time,
    but until you are able to find,
    where that may lie,
    you have people in your life that will help you feel fine.

  • Take a salute ,my good man .
    This is awesome -the meaning as well as how you match the end letters .


  • Freedom Writers

    @kimmy159 thank you. I'm always there for you too if you ever need me. I'd been stuck on what to write for a while, and got that out.

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