A little tech help pls

  • The BatSheep

    Anyone know much about the Surface RT... ( the poormans MS Surface )?
    I picked one up cheep today, but seem to be at a loss concerning apps to use, making it better and overall trying to make it into a workable little system that fits into my life and is more than just a part time toy ( not that there seems to be much you could play on it tbh ) ....
    I have looked for top ten list's blah blah blah .... but there doesn't seem to be to much Please help?!?!
    Any idea's would be greatly appreciated!

  • Global Veteran Hella Assassins

    @mr_peanut As I know WindowsRT system, which is on the board of your tablet, isn't the same as systems that's are installed on desktops or surface pro. RT has different architecture, so it would be a problem to launch ordinary desktop apps on it.
    I never worked with it, but maybe this can help you?

  • @mr_peanut I've never dealt with it but I can suggest you try basic updates first. Search your LT, check if there are any updates to be made. I think you already know that tho :D. What apps are giving you problems? How does its memory work, is it full, empty? The best thing you can try is to search "how to" videos and try to fix one problem at a time. Start with searching, deleting, updating existing apps on it, try to troubleshoot it when it's turning on. If you hear "clicking" noises when is turning on, that could be a processor or RAM issues. I think this hasn't been really helpful haha. GL

  • The BatSheep

    @spaceboy Thanks for the comments sir. I shall have a good look at the link you posted. 🙂

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