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  • @Vix freaking adorable

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  • @Vix littles like kids under 10, babies etc? If so , they are the true us before corruptions and facade , I believe everyone still carry the " little him" deep inside and fights with everything he can to protect him.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    As one, I think we're super cute, whether it's a sexual thing or not xD (which as for me, it certainly is lol)

  • @Vix sorry for being uneducated, what’s a little 😅

  • @Vix was into BDSM for quite a while and I'm really good at it but I'd had the wrong impression of Littles until I've been with mine why for a couple years and some subject came up about me being sexually abused and raped when I was very little on how it didn't affect me that much and she had claimed she had some issues with her Grandpa and blah blah blah but the mental and emotional aspect of a little is so important about being cared for and those types of things. A lot of people think it's all about wanting to suck a young person or something but I have had a few relationships with little since then and even some really young ones that turned out now Tubi no edit and it was so interesting learning how they felt about things emotionally that when you care about somebody but it's really tricky

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