• Hello, I'm new to this site and frankly kinda like how it is. I'm here to discuss about the public chat and how I feel that could help the users against unnecessary annoyance. There are definitely are and will be other users that will cause some problem against other users, I am well aware of having the concept of a "mod" as the police here but currently we have a lack of this security and sometimes we can't depend on the mod because it won't be available to us 24/7. The mods are only human so its understandable when that happens.

    There is another idea that i want to discuss that could help in this subject. Muting Users. If each individual users could have an option to mute certains users, even if its just for public chat, that would definitely motivate some friendly users to use and stay on the public chat. Mods of course would be the only ones that could ban a user, but if every user were given the option to "mute" I believe its best.

    Please give me your thoughts on this so I know I'm not the only one that thinks this is an acceptable idea.
    Also, blocking is an option too.