help i didnt think these situations were real but here i am?

  • so..
    oh jeez. it was at a party. a high school party like you see in TV shows. it was a lot of drinking and stuff and it was my first time getting drunk so as you can imagine, it was pretty bad.

    i woke up and i was naked in a bed with my best friend and this girl i didn't know too well. all naked. (this literally sound like something out of a fan fiction) i mean my friend is really popular and stuff.. he's not a virgin for sure. but i'm kind of a guy too so that creates some conflict because going off stereotypes, he's straight. i mean idk what i am im like bi or something. i know that much but.. this guy? i knew him but not THAT well and i lost my virginity this way,, I don't know what happened? did i fuck the girl? did we even have sex? i woke up with very very bad aching pains in my lower back.. I got fucked right? I DON'T EVEN KNOW I'M SO BAD AT THIS. WHAT DO I DO

    how do i approach this guy and ask him what happened? or the girl? SHOULD i approach them? can a friendship remain after having a threesome? also is 18 a late age to loose your virginity?