didn't wanna post this...so i posted this once...deleted it ...and i am posting this again now tho i got no idea why

  • Life is a living hell just feel like running away from everyone
    Those sleepless nights those endless fights
    Everyone plays their blame game
    But all that in an indirect way
    Look at them accept their mistakes
    But that my dear is what we call life
    Have you ever tried
    To understand your own wife
    Have you ever tried
    To look into the guides
    Have you ever tried thinking
    You are not the only one
    And maybe there are others as well for once
    There are many roads not taken
    But we were not the reason for that not taken road
    What do you want we ask you
    You say nothing and we move on
    Everytime the same cycle repeats
    But my next poem is going to be about her
    Her whom who’s blood you never thought was pure
    Her who kept all the fasts for you
    For whom you thought her own parent’s family was bigger
    Her who treated nothing bigger than you
    For whom you thought her brother was the only one
    Her who thought she only belonged to you
    For whom you thought she was a traitor
    But have you ever thought maybe in that relationship of yours you were the real hater
    We don’t know what you want we don’t know what you expect
    There is just one thing my dear father
    Just expect for yourself and nobody else
    Maybe you never thought you were not the only one all alone
    And expected everyone else to be drones
    And here this night goes on and on
    He doesn’t speak she doesn’t eat
    He won’t sleep until she apologises
    And she won’t sleep until she apologises
    Then why are we waiting
    Oh wait bcuz he still thinks his wife did nothing for him
    Oh cmon my dear look at her
    Look at her and look at her
    All the three ladies in your house
    They never gave you anything
    Just except drought
    Are you kidding me
    Or are you killing me
    We know you care
    We know you dare
    Just to put all the things for them out there
    And there she goes again with all the pain
    But says nothing except her body does
    And here he melts
    Starts scolding her about her health
    You have to drink milk
    Take the medications properly he says
    And there she just missed one medication
    Or was it a little too much milk for her
    He goes all again ranting about her
    And there now he knocks the other two’s doors
    They won’t open cuz he called them all floor
    And here she just writes her poem with her door closed
    Is it even a poem or just a mess
    Of his daughter’s life’s tearing chess
    Chess an elite game
    This game of life
    The queen can do everything to protect his king
    But he can’t even move to more than two boxes at a time
    I guess it’s always been a woman’s thing
    To give away everything even her self respect to her dear husband dime

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    @happymiss beautiful eloquent you are truly talented

  • sounds like youre in a RUT

  • @happymiss
    Didn't knew about this talent of yours. Aur kya Kya hai Jo chupa kr rkha hai .

    lol xx 😂


    @happymiss you really are talented 💜

  • Most Underrated Post
    You shoot in the heart 👌

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