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    I’d like to thank everyone for all the bday wishes I have received so far. I’ve never felt more loved, never been so damn happy. This is the first year I ever got a bday post. And the first year I’ve ever had the bday song sang to me. So my three monthaversary on TWS is coming up, I think that calls for a thank you ;).
    I’d like to start of this post with being gushyyyy, to mah bf, @RAGNAR . We are three months into a forever together. I love you babes, fellow ninja XD.
    @football_m29 . Michael, Michelle, bestie, thank you for the jokes every morning and the late night rant sessions/ advice. You’re literally the coolest bestie a girl could ever ask for 💚.
    @vrinda . You’re the bestttt sisterrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I feel lucky and blessed to have a coolheaded chick on my side. To know that I got a girkfrand (I’ll explain later lol).
    @TheGoddess . Yeah yeah, you were technically my first official bday post. I kkkkknow we have had our ups and downs but gurllll, who doesn’t? Thanks for the rant sessions and weird TWS experiments, as well as making a dead pub chat not so dead anymore.
    @Bushmurry . He left the site, those of you reading this. If you wanted an explanation, I’m more than willing to do so in the private messages. But bro, I will always have your back, just like I know you will have mine. Your pep talk gave me the balls to tell Sammy I like him, so thanks :).
    @Black_Beetle . Ooohhhh bby, have I got a long one for you. But imma make sure to keep it short. Thx for the kind words you message me sometimes, especially when I’m feeling sad. You know how to put a smile on my face with your crazy ass gifs .
    @KorgLife17 yeahhh that’s right, you. Thanks for the endless laughs and gifs, especially in the strangest of post.
    @Leo_sihra dude. You’re the reason I stayed on TWS. So like...DUDE! Thanks so much.
    @Dirt keep up the strange drawings, I love them. Violet, I dunno your screename, but thanks for the little laughs here and there :). @Bompies THANK YOUUUUUUUU. For the pub chat conversations and strange games, even the weird YouTube links. Thx for showi me da wae ;). @sup and @CoolShobhit2503 . I’d like to say thanks for the good replies even on my sucky posts, and for the bday wishes :). @Stephen34747 thx mah dude, for being one of my first friends. @A-P and @Isabella , I will always love you guys, mah gang 😎.
    Andddddd @zoobie and @Lucifer . Thx for helping me keep my head on even when I was overreacting about the little things :).
    I love you all so much.

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    @willoww OMG! These words are actually made me cry! I have no words to say!! I'm here for you baby💕💕💕 sending my hugs,love & kisses 😘 😘😘 💕💕💕

  • Ninjaaaz for lifeee baby XD
    @willoww alt text

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    Lmao I'm lowkey salty about that but anyway. Just remember that you have so many friends here bc you're a positive influence, and it's important to keep being such a positive person even when it gets hard. We all have bad days lol but you always bounce back. That's something you taught my how to do :)
    Thanks so much darling for being there for me, I hope you have a great day!
    -Saphy xx

  • @willoww hahaha

  • @willoww my bestie

  • tasty

    (this sentence is only necessary to meet the required amount of text in a post, i would have preferred to just say "tasty")

  • Well I'm a bit late but happy birthday :D
    I wish you everything nice that you could imagine.

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    @shazam808 She s fine. Thank you 😊

  • Music Lovers

    @sup lmao. Thanks for answering for me 😂

  • @willoww food i need food ,willow cmon

  • @willoww you are lovely willow.

  • This post is deleted!
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    @azriel shhhh, Maybe no one will notice

  • Hy how are you

  • @Willow

    DEAR WILLOW 😭😭😭😭

    I swear when i felt broken with "her" it is not that hurt when i saw this in my suggested post and i am like "damn i miss this kinky girl" 😭😭

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