• @TalkWithStranger I have been wanting to talk to u about what I've thought recently, maybe dming would be better but I was confused if u would reply or not. What I was thinking was maybe u could add a page on TwS named "Crushes n Confessions". How u want it to work is entirely dependent on u. But here are some of my ideas:

    1. Making the page like TwS...all very detailed n nice.
    2. Adding coloured texts to the page...like we can write 'love' in red, 'joy' in yellow, etc etc.
    3. The most important part of this page would be the confessions we make about the people we like on TwS. This page would be especially for our TwS crushes as not all of us are courageous enough to tell our crushes straight on dm or shoutbox, etc etc. N when we make the confessions n post on that page, we will have an option of posting the confession either anonymously, or with our TwS username(depends entirely on the user).
      I do not know how effective this idea might be, but I believe that adding this page might just make TwS a lot more fun. The rest depends on u. Thank u for your patience in reading such a lengthy topic...I hope u will think about this n inform me about ur decision :)
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    @Ofc69 Great idea! We're glad you're posting instead of DM because this way we can get more ideas from other @Global-Moderators too.

    • How about we make this together. If you or some user who's great in sketching/graphics, can make the artwork for the top of that page so it follows the lines of what you've been thinking.

    • You or one of the other mods write a welcoming text for users that will encourage them to post.

    • One of us here can create a category called "Confessions" that will have anonymous posting enabled, where if a user wants to post something they can just post it as a logged out user.

    Are you thinking just crush related confessions or all kind of confessions?

    At the end we can have a dedicated page at this link https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/confessions too with focus only on the confessions

  • @TalkWithStranger Thank you for pondering upon what I thought :) Well sure i could summon other mods to do all the work needed on the 'confessions' page.....bcuz I m not really good with graphics, I will take up the work of describing the page...maybe I'll work about this with other mods too...but about the link, when I click on it, it says "access denied" I do not know why i happens....excpt for that we r good to go.....N i suggest u post a topic about this, summoning all the mods who can work here.

  • @Darkkk @DIV We've added https://talkwithstranger.com/fun/confessions and added it in the menu too.

  • @TalkWithStranger Thank u sir!